Just Got Back From Golf

Well, I just got back form golfing at Les Vieux Moulins over in Aylmer. I shot a … well I sucked. Went to the Collenade afterwards and had pizza and beer. I’m kinds drunk right now so if my engrish is a bit off that’s why. Anyway there was this twosome behind us, we were a foursome, and they wanted to play through us and we told them NO. If your going to play golf then get four people as the rules of the course say. And if you don’t have four then don’t expect to play through any one cause your an idiot. So get four goddamn people to play with and stop fucking complaining.

In more golf news my uncle Peter got a hole in one the other at the Lombard Glen. His friend went first with an eight iron, and went over the green. So Peter switch to a nine iron and landed on the front of the green and it rolled and rolled and BAM, right in the hole.

Oh and those goddamn teachers, Peter is a retired teacher, are so fucking lucky with their pentions. It’s like they one the cash for life lottery or something. I think I want to be a teacher, paid a full salary and get four months of. Screw a donkey all you teachers and stop complaining about your salary!!!

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