Custom Query String 2.7

CQS 2.7 is out. This version is only for WordPress 2.0. Not much has changed, the admin layout is a bit different, and the Delete all button has been replaced with a check all button. Other than that it pretty much the same.

So now stop bugging me to update. hahahah Just kiding, I should have updated long ago.

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thank you for making this plugin, its exactly what i was searching for! still it appears to me that it does not run properly:

i run a single-post-per-page-blog and after activating the plugin, setting the condition to is_category and the post-amount to 10, its impossible to “scroll down” to the first 2 posts.

so i’m just like.. bug reporting.


Wait, it works fine now.. :o ops:


where can i download it? ;(


Where is the download link for this plugin??

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