About Matt

This site is no longer updated and is kept here for archive purposes only. Some links may not work properly.

I’m Matt Read, a 33 year old male from Ottawa, Canada, that’s the capital of Canada for all you who don’t know that already. I enjoy wood working, working around the house, and working on my website. I own a house with my lovely family of three four.

BigJibbyI love the internet and everything is has to offer. I post photos, tweet meaningless things, don’t use Facebook, and don’t even like Google Plus. I also code a little code, star in videos, and listen to music on occasion.

My favourite TV show of all time is MacGyver, and Good Will Hunting is my favorite movie. I program in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and Bash Scripting, and I love playing with Python. I’m a bit pedantic about producing semantic (X)HTML (and no, valid does not mean semantic).

About This Site

Made in CanadaThis site is my personal website since June 2003. This site is powered by Habari. It contains my (almost) daily monthly yearly web log about my life and stuff I find on the Internet. For more information and help in browsing this site, visit the links below.

Other Sites of Mine

I have a few sites scattered around the net. Here’s a short list.

  • Drunken Monkey Labs
    My coding and development playground.
  • Notes
    Github pages powered site. Eventually to host code.
  • Github Repos
    My Github repos containing most of my code projects.

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