Four Things

Oh god! Another meme. I hate these things, but at least it gives me something to post. And isn’t it bad luck not to do it? Damn you Shep! This sentence made no sense, random words inserted here.

  • Four Jobs I’ve Had
    • Corporate Law Clerk
    • Greens Keeper
    • Computer Maintenance
    • Female Super Model
  • Four Films I Can Watch Over and Over
    • Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
    • Good Will Hunting
    • Airplane
    • A Shot in the Dark
  • Four Places I’ve Lived
    • Ottawa, ON
    • Ottawa, ON
    • Ottawa, ON
    • Ottawa, ON
  • Four TV Shows I Enjoy
    • MacGyver
    • Daily Planet
    • Biography
    • Frontiers of Construction
  • Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
    • Algonquin Park, ON
    • Disney Land (world?), Florida
    • Ompah, ON
    • PEI
  • Four of My Favorite Foods
    • Pizza
    • Donuts
    • Steak
    • Green Beans
  • Four Sites I Visit Daily
  • Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
    • On a beach
    • In Algonquin Park
    • In bed
    • Drinking beer
  • Four Bloggers I’m Tagging
    • The puck stops here

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