The Pyscho Nut, AKA TimeTravel_0

We were talking to this nut case in #wordpress on who thinks he is a time traveling soldier from 2036. Masquerade talks about it and has the log of the chat here:

The Pyscho Nut, AKA TimeTravel_0 was written by


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MAN! Why don’t I ever get to meet nutcases like him. Although I forget where I also met a time traveler, it was quite hilarious.


I wish that I had logged the chat when I ran into the guy the other night, too. It was a blast to chat with him. I criticised him about his spelling and grammar, and he didn’t know what to say. LOL. I noticed that he tried to put words into everyone’s mouths all the time. He’s definitely someone I would have sat beside in my time at the psych ward! hahahah

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