Thinking About URI’s

I’m trying to come up with a new URI design for my site. My thinking is to “version” everything by date. So for example, I could have /blog/post-slug/2007-04-01. There might only be one version of most blog posts, but it would allow for “follow up” posts on the same topic at a letter date.

My second thought is to use the content-type in the URI, /content-type/post-slug/version; Giving something like, /entry/post-slug/2007-04-01, or /page/about/2007-04-01. A URI without the version would simply be the latest version, /page/about. This also lends well to my projects. I would maybe have a content-type of “project”, so I could have /project/tabasamu/2007-04-01 etc.

Thus I could categorize all content by it’s type and version, then further by tags. I’m liking this idea, hopefully I can hack around with Habari a bit and see if I can make it work. Here’s hoping post-slugs are not unique, as they shouldn’t be (for my case anyway ;) ).

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