Matt Read, The Weblog: Version Oceanus

screenshot of this theme Well my new design, code named Oceanus, is finally (mostly) complete. It’s been up for a while but I just haven’t took the time to talk about it. My goal in this design was to create a simple, easy to read design without being boring, like so many “simple” designs out there.

I also went with a dark background this time, something that prooved harder than it sounds. The dark background In my opinion make it much easier to read on a computer monitor. It also looks … “neater” ;) .

My new archives, well, they’re just rockin. I love how they show my “seasonal” posting, and I noticed I tend to post very little in the winter months. Must the cold weather. If you like them I can make the code available, just let me know.

There are still some bugs and improvements to be made, but let me know what you think of “Version Oceanus”. If you are using MSIE, I know, it all looks fubar’ed ;) .

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