Playstation 2 Disc Read Error Fix

I found this article over at It will guide you through the complete proccess of repairing that annoying disc read error that sometimes happens to older PS2’s. I’ve had good results, and so have many others. Let me know how it goes for you

This guide will walk you through the process of repairing a malfunctioning Playstation 2 or one that gives you Disc Read Errors (called “DRE” from here on). I have tested this process on two Playstation 2s now and it completely fixed the errors both were experiencing. The model # was SCPH-30001 on both units, but the process should be the same for others.

You can read the entire article over at

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i guess i woud make things worsor so im not gonna do it (im buying a new PSTwo :p:p


when i put a game in it clicks rapidly and loudly, i put in a cleaning cd and then it worked but now it doesnt work.. what wud make a clicking noise and prevent disc from being read? btw no errors appear


this worked for me, now though the disc seems to take a while to load, but i think it did it anyway, thanks


When I play MVP Baseball 2005, the game will skip annoyingly when I am pitching and there are runners on base, im guessing becuase the system is processing more data. At other times the game is choppier than it should be too. Do you think i should just clean the lense?


dude, you just saved me 150 bucks, thankyou. and for all the people who have the scph30003 model, its done almost the same but dont give up because its well possible.


Hey thanks for the info man. I can’t believe it worked!!!


i have a SCPH-30001 model (or at least the back of my ps2 says so) but when i get to the part where i take the cd lense cover off (the one w/the yellow radiation warning) the white gear disk is under some more stuff. in other words, it isnt easily accessible as it shows up in the pictures. i have take it a step further and remove some other cover, which seems pretty impossible by the way its fastened on there(its attached to other parts). anybody else run into this?


Now I can finaly play those burnt dvds! hahahah

thank you


I really need help badly… my ps2 dose not have errors … it just sounds like a horrible grinding noise comming from the system and then if i wait long enough it works.. just sounds really bad.. i thought that it was fine and then i opend it up and looked at the disc and it had a scuff circle around the damn thing.. this was a rented game and im worried.. its NCAA 2006 and i want to play the damn thing… what is wrong i was thinking it was the optical eye or somthing.. i dono — HELP!



i have the slim ps2 and it has disc read error and i try to clean it and it still say disc read error. help me please


hey thxs man its really helped even if mine was’nt the same model it still was enough 2 get it fine now my ps2 works better then before THXS MAN!!!!!


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I accidentally took out the tape when trying to open up my playstation to clean it… does anyone know where that piece goes.. or is it a lost cause now?


Thank you, thank you, thank you. My PS2 wouldn’t play some of my favorite games, and now it does. It only has problems with one game, but I’m starting to think it’s the game (a PS1 game), as I’ve tried it in my PS1 and a friend’s PS2 and none of them will read it. Thanks a ton.


my ps2 doesn’t have a white gear in the back wtf is ^ with that? Email me with the answer [email protected] or AIM me pongstick386


Thank you very much. You have just made my six year old very happy - I now cant’t get on my PS2 coz he’s playing rugrats! I’ll just have to wait until he’s gone to bed and get out GT3.

Much appreciated guide Hal


When I insert the DVD game into the player, red screen appear. Then I click the button of the green light, then that red screen appear again. After that,I click the button of the green light again and again, but that red screen still appear. Can you help me how to overcome this problem? Is it something wrong with the lens? Please help me. Email me ok..Thanks..


When I insert the DVD game into the player, red screen appear. Then I click the button of the green light, then that red screen appear again. Thewn I click that green light again and again, but that red screen still appear. Can you help me how to overcome this problem? Is it something wrong with the lens? Please help me. Email me ok..Thanks..


When I insert the DVD game into the player, red screen appear. Then I click the button of the green light, then that red screen appear again. Then I click that green light again and again, but that red screen still appear. Can you help me how to overcome this problem? Is it something wrong with the lens? Please help me. Email me ok..Thanks..


I have the silver ps2 and that white disc gear isnt there. if you can tell me anything email me [email protected]



Hey man, this worked, i didnt have that white wheel thing you were talking about, i just cleaned the lens and all is ok. thanks alot.


Many Many thanks, I think you just saved me some money and made a couple of young kids very happy. I googled my question, and followed your instructions, which were clear and precise. I also impressed my kids, they now think daddy is a real genius. Not a bad saturday morning work.

Many thanks again



Wow, this just saved me 3 weeks of no playstation and alot of money as well! Thanks a million! Now I can get back to my franchise with my friend in Madden 2006! God Bless You!


I love this fix and have used it several times with great success. I ran into a problem, however, in the last ps2 I was fixing, and I was wondering if anyone could help. As I was preforming this fix some really dumb person came along and “accidentally” detatched the metallic band from the ps2 unit. In order to stick the band back in it’s proper place (which is under the laser unit) I had to take the entire ps2 out of the bottom case covering. In doing so, because of lack of caution on my part, and somewhat due to fustration, I pulled the controller/memorycard band out of it’s place. sighs I tryed reconecting it in the spot I thought it must go, but it seems its just sitting in there and I didn’t put it back in it’s place quite right. My ps2 works beautifully….except the controllers are now rendered useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In other words: where does the damn disembodied controller/memorycard band go?? Jessica - [email protected]


i have a minips2 and it says there are no file imtrying to fix it give some advise…


i have a silver ps2 and it hasnt got the white gear could you please tell me what to do


my ps2 has two white disks inside it…. Which one do i turn?


for those of you who asked about the grinding noise, mine has it too. I opened it up and i am absolutely sure that it is the white piece of plastic attached to the lens that is used to run through the drill-bit-like-shaft that moves the lens. I know that the description is confusing but just read it slowly and look at your machine. what is wrong with it is that is burned up or just torn up and it is not able to slide when the drill-bit-like-shaft spins. does anyone know how to replace this piece, what is its name, and where i could find a replacement? thanks.


I found the name of the part for the grinding noise, it is simply a laser gear. You can buy it a this website (they also have parts for other disc error problems):

this is a quote from them (they also have a picture at the aforementioned website):

“Worn out laser gear. Most common model to have this problem is a SCPH-39001. Second is a SCPH-50001. If you hear a clicking or grinding type noise when you hit eject on your drive, or while a game is playing, chances are your laser gear is either worn out or just dirty.”


Hey, I’m having this same problem too, but the funny thing is that the game that won’t work is Final Fantasy 7, and GTA is the disc that’s working. Will it work for a PS1 disc, too?


Dude, I’m playing ma brand new game smack down vs. raw n ma Ps2 started grinding n now every time i put a disk in it says reading disk and it never stops saying that so if u could email me to fix my problem u would be saving a young boy a whole lot of money.

many thank, FIllY


Filly, whats your email? and what you probably need is a new laser gear, go here ( ) to see if these symptoms coincide, and if they do you can buy the laser gear there.



Ok, for one, I know what site U got this from! If u have a different version (Ex: spch=30001, 10 screws) go here. I have the eight screw version. The layout is different on them (The heatsink is next to the disc drive on the 8 screw.). Now, I’m gonna give you all the info I know about my ps2…

I also get that awful grinding noise. It is the laser gear. It spins really fast against the laser thingy when I turn it on, therefore crashing it into the disc spinner. It tries to keep going, making that awful grinding noise. I don’t know why, but if I were to guess, the machine gives it too much power at first, then making it spin at lightning speeds. If anyone figures out how to fix this, post it here.

When you went to fix this, and u plugged it back in, did it not power back on? This can be one of three things. You either:

  1. Shorted the system out by connecting 2 parts that shouldn’t have touched together.
  2. Blew the fuse.
  3. Accidentally unplugged the power switch and port from the chip.

I bought a "broken" playstation2 (30001, 8 screw) from a friend. It was getting disc read error and he opened it up to fix it. After that it never would turn on. Well, after closer inspection (and a wallet 30 bucks lighter), the cord came unplugged from the chip. My process: (p.s. I’m assuming that u already have the system open and unplugged.)

  1. Undo the two screws that hold the controller ports carefully, and place them in a safe place.
  2. Carefully flip the system over.
  3. Take off the bottom cover.
  4. there is the expansion bay and a chip next to it, were taking off all the screws (4) that hold that chip down.
  5. Carefully pull up on the chip.
  6. It should come clean up.
  7. Now, take the cord from the power and plug it into the little part on the side. It should match colors and click into place.
  8. U can now see a fuse there as well! If the plug fix didn’t work, try this: replace the fuse!!!


  1. slide the chip down aligned with all the little forks and their little holes, CAREFULLY!
  2. Reverse dissasembly.

Now I need anyones help, please. When I press eject, my drawer opens for 3 secs and It closes by itself. Whats wrong? Also, can anyone tell me how to fix the grinding problem? Please post it here! Thank u! will check daily for more stuff I can help with.


The grinding noise seems to be a common problem. My ps2 is the SCPH-30003 R, and it’s pretty screwed up. It started off with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where it loaded really slowly and made the grinding and clicking noises. It got worse over time and I’d find myself crashing into walls before they loaded up, and the music kept skipping. Now it simply won’t load anything. After taking the machine apart it became obvious that the problem had something to do with the mechanics of the laser and how it moves to read the disc. In my version of ps2 (I’m not too sure about the others) the laser moves up and down two metal bars, and now it can’t move as quickly as it used to. I can just move the laser up and down the bars myself and it makes the weird noise. I lubricated the bars, and this helped for a while but it was soon acting up again.

The worm drive could be worn, the laser arm could be faulty in some way, or it could be some other problem. If anyone has any information that might help please post it here.


Hello! I am back again to give some revolutionary info! Okay, u know that grinding noise that everyone has been having lately? The one that is hurting your gameplay? (ex:grinding noise during gameplay, resulting in skipping and errors ∨


When I got my ps2 from my friend, I noticed some things right away.

  1. It made awful grinding noises.
  2. The disc tray didn’t stay open for more than 3 sec’s (note to people with this problem: I will discuss this a little further down in this article :D ) 3. The disc read error of course.

1: The grinding noise fix "Dude, I think oiling the bars will fix it", say many people out there. Yes, but that only fixes the lighter grinding noise the ps2 makes when the laser is struggling to move up and down the little bars. "Dude, if you’re hearing that bad grinding noise when you turn it on, buy a new worm motor.", says many people. Well this is true only on one case. If you have oiled the bars and the laser still fails you may need a new worm motor. But thats only if you let the grinding noise go on continuously and play it every day like that. Now if your system still makes the grinding noise even when the bars are oiled you might have worn out the motor. Or this fix will save your ps2. 1. Open the disc drive up. 2. Remove the disc tray. Take it clear out, but leave the system to think that it’s still closed. 3. Look for the laser part and look at the disc spinner. See that little button to the right of the spinner thats on the chip. This may not be being contacted when the laser moves down and grinds. 4. Pull up lightly on the plastic that is on the worm gear, and slide the laser down. 5. Does any part of the laser/plastic part push in that little switch? If no, this will fix your system. 6. Take a small piece of plastic, and before you glue, align it with the plastic laser part and the switch, so that when it slides down the rail, it pushes in the button when the laser comes to the spinner. Mark where you are going to glue it on the plastic around the laser, and apply super glue to the bottom of the plastic piece. Put it in the spot you marked, and make sure it aligns again. If not, remove piece and replace it on the plastic. 7. Allow glue to dry FULLY! Then slide the laser back down again and make sure it pushes the piece back in. Then, make sure the plastic is clicked back in between the gears so worm gear will spin and the laser will move back and forth with no problems. 8. When finished, CAREFULLY put back the disc tray and put it into place. Be patient about this part, never hasty. 9. Turn on system and wait. If done correctly the system shall turn on, and the worm gear will spin and the laser will move down.Then the plastic will push the button in and start reading! No more grinding again! Ever! As long as the bars are oiled when needed, no more problems about that should occur, unless the motor dies (for some unexplained reason), or the plastic comes unglued. hahahah

TRAY FIX: Is your disc tray having problems? Have you tried countless times pressing the eject button, the tray ejects and stays open for less than 3 secs? Then closes on its own? I’ve got a fix for you people! The problem is that the ps2 isn’t sensing that the door is open, and shuts itself. When I got mine, the prievious owner was stupid enough to put a version 1 tray in a version 4 tray. There was many problems, but the one that stumped me the most was when the drawer would open, but would close after 3 secs. If you have ever dropped your ps2, or someone bumped into it when the tray was open, this most likely happens. There is a little button inside the ps2 near the bottom right of the disc drawer that when eject is pushed, the drawer comes out and pushes that button, telling the system to stop spinning the gear, the drawer is out. Well, the piece of plastic that is supposed to push this down is either broken or missing. Here’s how to fix it: 1. Take the top off of your disc drive. 2. Remove the tray completely. 3. Look for the switch on the bottom right hand corner of the drive. 4. Draw a straight line from the switch to the center of the plastic. 5. Turn on your ps2 and push the eject button while the tray is out. When the gear is spinning, push the little button down and hold it. If this doesn’t stop it from trying to open, your problem is a lot more complicated. Turn off the ps2 with the master switch. 6. Fit the tray in the eject postion, and trace the line right onto the disc tray. 7. Remove the disc tray carefully. Turn it over and trace the line all the way until you see the gears. 8. Is a piece of plastic that pushes the switch down missing/broken? The plastic may look like part of the guide lines for guiding the door out. You’ll have to check your system to see where the switch should be. 9. If it’s broken then take a thin piece of plastic that matches the hight and width of the broken, or missing piece and super glue it to the place where the line you drew was at. Let it dry and test it again by putting it back CAREFULLY and checking to make sure that the plastic is pushing in the button. If not reverse process ∧ 10. Screw the lid back on and put the system back together.

Did that help anybody? I may have missed explaining something, so if anybody has questions about it, ask here. I made my screwed up ps2 really quiet by doing these. I used a 30001 series 4 ps2 with 8 screws. Yours might be different so speak up if u r having problems! Thanks!


Worked for Me!


I’d like to thank you!!! Our PS2 works better than it did before!!!! your instructions were perfect and easy to follow step by step!!!! the only problem we had was when he was opening the PS2 up the silver piece came off, but that was easy to put back in!!! Thanks for saving us $140.00!!!!


You must be a genius ! Thank You ! Thank You ! How did you figure this out ?


LEGEND !!! many thanks


Thanks much Matt. Worked like a charm. Wish I had known this before I purchased new copies of some of my kids games because I figured the problem was with their discs, not the laser adjustment


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hey i have a problem, my ps2 doesnt read anything but as i see from here, it can be fixed but im just too afaid to try… safe is it??? i have to find out if i have a warranty otherwise will have to do this


thanks i sent mine back once and it broke again. so im going to try this


thanks a lot guys this was very helpful, the only thing that I suggest is to make the pictures clearer, that would help other non-technical customers like me, other than that I thank you, It was easy to follow.


I’m trying to fix this playstation i kinda fould in the trash(lol). It was my neighboors but it won’t work and i cleaned the lens but im having trouble with doing the plastic gear. So can you help me.


I have the problem with my ps2 with dre message and send my ps2 for repair and they said I need to change the motherboard. Is it true? or can I just follow your instruction.

Thanks for your help.


If you’ve got the model where the white gear thingy’s hidden under other stuff, you don’t need to disassemble anything else to move it. It has a whole in the center, shaped to fit one of those wierd pentagon shaped screwdrivers. If you don’t have one, or like me, don’t have one that fits, you can put a flathead screwdriver in at an angle and get the gear to move. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any adjustment that would work for the games that wouldn’t load…


my ps2 model is SCPH-50006 AND HAS NO WHITE GEAR THE PROBLEM WITH MY PS2 is when i put a disc it rotates and stop then rotates and stop and contunue until it do it about 10 times the rotation is full like it do not stop but it wont work im only 13 yrs old can someone help me or email me i have 350 games 4 only works like RESIDENT EVIL 4,FATAL FRAME CRIMSON BUTTERFLY,MX UNLEASHED,AND,DRIVER 3 THATS ALL THANKS FOR THE HELP :( :( ;( ;( ;( ;(


my ps2 has the two white gears. it plays music cd’s, and ps1 games, but i can’t get it to play ps2 or dvd’s. i have adjusted and adjusted the two white gears till i’m about ready to dropit in the trash. can someone please let me know if i’m wasting my time.


i have the slim ps2 and when i put a game in it goes to the browser screen. when i click on the browser screen it says that theres a game in the ps2 but when i click on the game it just goes back to the same screen. anyone know what i can do?

my email is - REDACTED -


I have tried to move this white wheel in the back of my ps2. I have found the right setting for the wheel so as to play all four types of discs that a ps2 can play, however, after I put it back together, I continued not being able to play blue back discs. I cracked the ps2 open again and I noticed that the white wheel reset itself instead of remaining in that prime position. Is there any fix to this, and/or anyone else getting this problem?


well if anyone hear’s a grinding or clicking nois it’s coz the bars that the laser lens in on its rubbing it i guess you can say, you can fix that, just oil not like car oil but like clipers that cut your hair it should have a little tub of oli in it thats what i used and it stoped the clicking and grinding nois, but i had that disc reak error to and i took it apart and cleaned the eye and got a the nasty stuff outta there and beleave me it was dirty, it even had spider webs in it lol but anyway i looked at the white gear and i mark it right were it was at so i couls remember where it was at in the first place and i moved it and messed with it untill i fould out how it works, then i put it back in the spot where it was at, and thank god i marked it coz it made it soooo easy, and when i put it back intill its spot and turned it 4 clicks clockwise and it works perfect, it works like i just got it brand new, maybe you guys should try it, SO IF IT SAYS DISC READ ERROR,,, ITS THE WHITE GEAR, JUST DO WHAT I TOLD YOU….AND IF YOU HEAR A GRINDING OR CLICKING NOIS….ITS THE BARS THEN LASER LENS IS ON JUST DO WHAT I TOLD YOU…… if you dont have that just use something like oil that the bars can move easy while the disc spins and if you do what i told you, you shouldnt have any thing happen to it anymore.


the little peice of film that connects the top of the console and the bottom came out of the bottom while I was cleaning it. The peice is still connected to the top but not to the bottom, so no power is being fed to my machine. Where does the film-like peice go and how do I reconnect it?


Worked Like a charm. I was in full panic mode because my Ps2 had been working just fine for 6 years. All of a sudden I started having disc read error issues and no CD, DVD, nor game would work at all. But you provided a really easy fix. Instead of dishing out $150 for a new Ps2 all I spent was $5.00 on a screw driver set small enough to get the disc tray out. Thanks a bunch!!


So wait… the metallic tape is important now? Your guide says it isn’t, but your comments say otherwise! I’m confused. I just removed it as your guide SEEMED to tell me to do, and now my PS2 isn’t switching back on. Oh well, I was looking for an excuse to buy a slim model anyway hahahah

Have I really fucked my PS2?


I have applied the fixes as best i could but am still gettin read errors on DVD and ps2 game discs

Console SCPH-50003 Browser 1.40 CD player 2.00 Driver 1.11 DVD 3.02E (6) (6) ;(

Can play CD’s and I think Ps onegames but get read errors on everything else. As i seem to have later model than guide the fixes, especially lense angle fix, are a bit hit and miss. If anyone has any suggestions please mail me

[email protected]


I’ve been looking around on how to fix my ps2. I have a model SCPH-50001. Most people say to click that big white gear, but the only problem is there isn’t one on mine… and I’m getting irritated because i tried cleaning the lense with a q-tip and that didnt work. If anyone could e-mail me ([email protected]) or just repost with some help it would be greatly appreciated.


Another thing i forgot to say was that it repeatedly clicks when its trying to read the disc, so someone please help.


I really need you’re help. please answer all the qustions on youre website. I need help with the same thing Chris, from february 7th, does.


i do not have that white gear thing at the back of my ps2(6)email me at [email protected] plz and help me


The power connector strip has come out of one end of the PS2 I’m unsure where or how to put it back into. Please could someone email me with images or a description!


;) Thanks for the tip! I used your guide and it worked like a charm. I’ve had some experience with electronics, but for anyone who is considering this, it’s a breeze! (Just make sure you have a tiny (and I mean tiny like for fixing eye glasses) screwdriver. Other than that, just follow the instructions, be patient and gentle.

Thanks again!!!


Same as Comment #55. When I am at the browser screen, the Playstation will show that there is a disc in there. When I hit ‘X’ to select the disc, the screen goes black for a second, and then returns to the browser. It seems to SEE the disc, but it isn’t willing to play the game or dvd.

Any suggestions?? ;(

if ANYONE can help, please reply here!


from starting i had purchase playstation2 from dubai market i had played many types of disc bottomed like golden,silver then ihad packed playstation2 for two months after two months ihad take out my playstation2for playing i had inserted disc in myplaystation2 but screen show disc read error


alright, i did exactly what you posted on here. after finding the right setting, i turned the ps2 off and turned it back on. after doing this i saw that the white gear had reset itself back to its primary position. if you know how to fix this, please email me at [email protected] . Thank you


I’am guna try this now i will post a msg afta wards 2 say weva it helped!! 8) 8)


Nice site. I have a problem with the ps2 tray though, i was told to adjust the two white screws on the bottom to adjust power of the laser. After i did that and put it all back together my tray won’t open. I press eject when the red light is on and it turns on the ps2, so i don’t think i disconnected a cord. can you help? Thanks Madhatter


model 50001….two white discs…only plays cds n psone games….anyone know what to do?


Thanks a million! Our dad fixed our PS2 following your instructions and….it works again!!

Marco and Iosto from The Netherlands hahahah


spot on it fixed ma ps2 now its workin beter than ever chears :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Before I tried this fix, my PS2 wouldn’t read any PS2 DVD based games. After following the instructions, my PS2 now doesn’t read anything. Not even music CDs. I set the gear back to where it was originally and it STILL doesn’t work.



thanks ur help really worked!!!!!!


my ps2 will play Gran turismo 3 annd test drive and jeremy mcgrath but it wont play gran turismo 4 anyone know whats up with that?

please email [email protected] if you know


I tried this and now my ps2 wont even turn on. Do you know what the problem might be??? I don’t wan’t to waste $150.00 for a new (slim) one.


i just bought this brand new game god of war and is does work but the rest work plz help me


HEY Does anybody’s ps2 mess up and not play mine does that so much but i was wondering is mine wont play ps1 games ps2 games with bluebottom and silverbottom DVD’s or even CD’s plez help befor i thow this dam thing out my two story windo


I have a problem with my disc tray when Im playin the sims 2 it freezes can somebody help me Im only 11 years old


This is a great FIX, I did everything you explained…and it worked and well. I have the very first PS2 and have had the DRE over and over again, as soon as i did the FIX it worked even with the blue disc (one of the hardest disc’s to load). I would just like to thank you very much. :D


Greetings all,

I have a SCPH-50003 Model PS2 - a model with two white alan key style adjusters (as opposed to the standard single one ?), and am suffering with a dire case of Disk Read Error.

I have previously had a similar prob about 6 months ago that was sorted by simply opening up my unfortunate console and lubricating / cleaning the lens rails.

This time however there is no response to any format of disk; PS2,PS1,DVD ,ect.This can be immediate or long winded depending on the disk.

I do not hear any loud cranking noises, however there is sometimes a high speed whizzing sound before the disks are declared crap

As mentioned my many people above, the solution appears to be an adjustment of the lens - disk angle (I have tried +4 click method),but i have been unable to find this using a WILD combination of these two adjusters.

The adjusters have a high point and a low point, and support each of the tracks for the lens.

If anyone would be kind enough to advise me on how to resolve this i would greatly appreciate it as its making me go a little bit CRAZY.

Cheers to all, and curse the lousy cheap sony snieders who sell us this shite.


Hey tnx for the tip!!! um i have this ps2 with 2 white gears underneath some contraptions, how do you move them? and i am having problems sometimes when i play, a red screen appears then i turn the console off then on and the game works, is this normal? and when i play certain games like naruto 3, the playstation 2 logo appears and then it does nothing until i got mad? some weirdo told me that it was the lens is the problem but i am not so sure about it. pls help me out and tnx anyway, God bless!!!!!!!!


How do u connect the ribbon back?! I connected back but I kept on coming out, and when I hold it, the reset button lights up but doesnt work! HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE I JUMP OUT OF MY WINDOW AND KILL MYSELF!


i have the same ps2 as in the pictures

and its really weird

itll play vice city fine ..

but it wont play any of my ps1 games ( itried adjusting the disc and went through the whole turn with 4 click increments and the bloody thing still doesnt work)

also my newer games have problems maybe i have to scratch them so they will work… this sucks


Hey man,

Recently my PS2 got some DRE and some games aren’t loading at all, especially new ones.

My PS2 is a SCPH 50006.

After I opened up the disc cover/tray, there’s no White Gear.

So, any ideas on where can I toggle the laser angle?

Any kindda’ help would be appreciated. [email protected]


Worked for me, thanks!


i try it but it still says disk read error do u think that it can come from the software of the playstation2 mine is only loading ps1 CDs… :’( ;(


If you removed the power connector by accident, take a look at my PS2 pics.


:x easter morning i get a ps2 game caled “The suffering” i put it in my ps2 and it says theirs no disc inside . Can someone send me an email on how i can fix this?


i have a silver ps2 and i have a disc error, i dont have the white gear,would i still be able to fix it?


I happy to say that this disc read error fix worked for my PS2. I was kinda scared to oopen my PS2 at first, but to fix my issues it was worth a try. Thank you for this fix.

Now it’s time to golf.



Thanks a lot! Worked brilliantly! All I had to do was clean the laser and it worked perfectly straight after. My PS2 is a 30003, so anyone else with a 30003 should try this method.


Wow!!! After cleaning for about half an hour, my PS2, which I was ready to pawn, is not only reading the games I was having trouble with, but it loads them before I even had a chance to click on “browser”! Thanks so much for saving me a lot of money!


THANK U VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!! I followed the directions then boom, everything is working properly like it should, thanks again! :mrgreen:


Thanks so much! I bought my friends PS2 from him, which he never had any problems with- a month later I’m getting annoying clicking noises and disc read errors galore.

I followed your instructions, and lubricated the little arms the laser moves on, and it’s good as new!


:D Hey Matt thanx alot,dont know what I did but followed your instructions and walla the PS2 is working again,One thing I must add when adjusting the laser I noticed a hole or dot on the wheel and I turned clockwise back to the closest mark and it seemed to work for me,Again Thanx :mrgreen:


holy moly i thought u might have been shiting me man……but wow that really works hahha now i can play all my ps2 games, but i still cant play DVD’s on it….but its aight cuz i got a awesome home theatre system… make something for xbox bro!!! thankss alot


Can someone help me my ps2 won’t read discs and it makes a wierd noise i think it’s the arm but i have no idea how to fix it. any ideas?


I had both the clicky noise and disc read error problems and a combination of the help from matt and you all got me through it and saved me mucho dinero. Thanks everyone.


Well, my playstation is dead. well i should say the laser is dead. Everything is operational but the red laser just isn’t there anymore. The angle ajustment doesnt matter anymore. I also cleaned the hell outta that laser and nope. No More laser, i’ll just have to wait or pay up to the communist company of Sony.


Dude i am 12 years old pretty young and have had my PS2 since the first day it came out. Tody i had off and my game monster rancher 4, kinda kiddy but addicting, didnt work, so i tried KH2 and it didnt work either. SO i went to this website followed all the instructions and it turns out it workes like a charm now. Thanks :lol:



Ok i followed the guide you have provided and i relised that i dont have a white gear in the back of my ps2 can some one please tell me why? email me or talk to me on msn at [email protected]


know how there is 4 silver screw at each corner once you have opened the disc tray i have removed the two top one and they won’t screw back in and it is not reading disc’s now and it used to,can u help-and will this affect the lens anyway


Thanks alot, your FAQ was easy to read and I had mine fixed in a better part of 15min. Just to think that I found a PS2 in the trash and your FAQ basically got me a free working console. Thanks a mill.


Omg dude thank you so much. You tottaly just made my night. This thing has been sitting here for so long because of the whole dre junk. Now it works fine. I couldnt have done any of this without you. Thnx matt :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Like Mr Bongo I’ve also got a SCPH 50003 with two white cogs at the back of the DVD tray. Does anyone have any tips on adjusting them to reduce DREs and buzzing/clicking noises?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Wow! Thanx so much for not only saving me from throwing my PS2 out the window, but for such complete, detailed instructions. From the time I started upstairs to find the alcohol, to getting everything settled back on the shelf on completion, it took me just about 30 minutes! Can’t comment on the laser angle adjustment, ‘cause I didn’t tackle that one, but the cleaning is a life saver!


And, as for the power connector strip, yes, it is very important … at least, if you want to be able to turn your PS2 back on.

If you will carefully read Matt’s instructions, he clearly states that the tape holding the power connector is not important. He never once indicated that the power connector itself is not important.

Hope this helps someone who is about to fix their PS2 … wish I could help those of you who’ve already ripped out your power connector, but I have not idea how you would go about fixing that.


ive got my ps2 modified for 2 years now.but now my ps2 doesnt read all pirated or orignal shoould this thing work for me? :roll:


My PS has got these two gears. And I have the same problem as other posters (Jo for instance) I can play audio CDs, blue disk games but not PS2.

Any suggestions please?


Harish, your console has two gears instead of one. The procedure is the same. Just try starting both gears at the same point, and gradually move each gear (equally) 4 or 5 clicks between each test. ONLY if this does not work, then you must take out the laser unit from the CD tray, (which is easier than you’d think). Flip the laser unit over after you’ve pulled it out, and there will be two capacitor trimmers labeled “CD” and “DVD”. Before you turn either of these, mark each one with a fine point pen with lines to indicate their original positions. In your case, you should only have to adjust the one that says “DVD”. Turn it with a small screw driver ever so slightly, (approximately 5 thousandths at a time or so,) put the system back together enough to test a PS2 disc, and repeat if necessary. I’ve done this process on several of my own units and friends’ systems. If you or anyone is scratching your head on what I’m talking about, e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll send pictures and a better description.


:mrgreen: Hey thanks alot man! It really worked.


Hey i got a free ps2 the other day which read nothing at all and i adjusted the laser angle cog. now it playes cd games on blue disks, but it still will play nothing on any dvds. does this mean i have to adjust the laser voltage for dvds??? [email protected]



I have a Model SCPH-39001.

I’ve had a DRE for a blue disc game, and I did everything in the step-by-step instructions and got stuck at the part with the white cog.

My white cog seems to be hidden behind a giant black plastic part that goes all the way around the entire drive. There seems to be a small cylinder part that sticks up, and to the right side of the cog is a metal stopper that keeps the “clicking” in place. I tried using a small flathead screwdriver to move the cog around but I notice ABSOLUTELY NO movement in the laser.

When I put a disc in, the laser goes up too high, and grinds on the disc and when I tried this when it was opened up, the freakin’ disc almost flew out of the drive. When I press near the laser (didn’t touch the laser at all though), it does show that it goes down, but it springs right back into place. I also tried shoving something in there to keep the laser down, but it will then only read the disc for a second then it won’t spin anymore. I’m at the end of my rope here…

I got a game recently from eBay, and I’m having surgery on my knee in 2 days, and I just wanted this game to work so I’d have something to do, since I’ll be bedridden for quite a while. I don’t mean to post a sob story but I really need help here. What can I do to get this laser working??? Thanks in advance.


I have a the thin ps2 so I cant follow your instructions any other instructions


Hay do you know away of removing any scratches from ps2 disks The only one I know is

1 pour some car polish over the disk 2 using a lint cloth with some water wipe of the poilsh It hasent worked Please help!!!!!!!


^^^^ answering the post above i’m pretty sure they sell scratch removers for discs in stores


Well it worked. I have a SCPH-50001 myself. I’ve had it for about two years now, no problems. Then just about a week ago it started with the loud clicking noise. After reading the article, I opened it up. Turns out the worm gear was fine and so was the gear arm that moves the laser back and forth. But what the problem was - the rail that the laser slides on!

There are two rails, one for supporting the laser, the other for guiding the laser. The one that supports is on problem, just spread the grease that’s there around a bit. But on the guiding one, after removing the retaining plate over the gears (my unit has two), I could carefully remove the rail. It felt tacky, like the lube dried and dust collected on it. There was even a small ring of dust at one end.

So I used a cloth to clean off the rail until all the tackyness was gone, lightly oiled it and put it back in. Reassembled it enough to test - it was running as good as new if not better! I have no problem with running various games or DVDs, so I didn’t have to move the gears. But for future information, Both gears need to be turn equally to adjust.

Just wanted to say THANKS! for the info and instructions. They helped alot for me to get in there and id the problem. It seems if you catch the horrible clicking early enough, just getting in there and lubing the rail does the trick. With luck, it’ll be another two years before I need to get in there again, lol.


I have a SCPH-30001 I bought several years ago and a SCPH-50001 I got as a promotional gift about 2 or 3 years ago. ABout 2 years ago, the 30001 got to the point that it wouldn’t recognize a disc of any kind anymore. I ran cleaners through it, blew it out with air the best I could, but it didn’t fix it. Since we had a second one, I never gave it much more thought until last night.

I’ve no problems at all out of the 50001 until earlier this week. My son bought a used copy of “God of War” that didn’t work. I looked at the disc, but it was pretty much spotless, no scratches or anything. But we took it back and told them it wouldn’t work. They gave us a brand new one and told us we could bring it back if it didnt work either. I asked why it wouldn’t work and the guy told us it wouldn’t play on some older PS2’s.

We brought it home and he was right. It didn’t work. I had no idea it had anything to do with the angle of the laser since every other disc up to this one worked fine. I assumed there had to be some kind of fix or update out there. I started seaching last night and within about 5 minutes, found my way to your page.

I read the instructions and several of the postings and decided I would open the 30001 as kind of a test run first since it really didn’t work anymore. A little rubbing alcohol, a few Q-tips, 4 clicks of the platic gear, and about 20 minutes later, the 30001 that hasn’t worked for 2 years plays everything now, including the new “God of War” disc. I’m going to try it on the 50001 tonight.

Thanks a million!


tried this method before i read about it… it worked. but as my PS2 got older i can still use my older games, but i only get disc read error when im trying Resident evil 4 and Grand turisimo 4, what can be wrong? the cd


this isnt a comment but when u turn on the ps2 and the red light comms on what does that mean


ok my ps2 is making these loud clicking noises and reading disc error ;( but i was lookin around websites and saw your website and looked at the directions and the comments and said ok well i will buy a new ps2 anyway so i said well ok ill try if it makes it worse ill buy a new one like a will anyway but tried your directions and it worked u saved me $150 so uh THANX 8)


from D-kid

I’ve had my playsation 2 for about 4 years now its a model type 39001 and has the same clicking problem and Then the DRE problem. I opened it up and saw that the orange ribbon connected to the laser is a little burned. do you think the ribbon could have anything to do with the DRE’s email me at [email protected]


I’m having trouble finding the screws to adjust the voltage on the 50001. Are they the two extremely small screws on the bottom of the actual laser?


Dude, you’re a freakin genius!!!!!!! I wanted to kill my PS2 but thanks to your little post here I don’t have to become an electronic murderer!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!


I had the same error with my PS2, it would not read Gran Turismo 4. Instead of pulling the system appart, I went to the Hardware store and picked up a can of electical cleaner. Its a spray thats safe to spray on electronic devices like open wiring and computer boards, I also picked up one of those disc cleaners for DVD players, (cost about $12 for both items) sprayed the shit outta the system, let it dry for 15 min, (I have no idea what the cleaner is but it all evaporates and does not leave residue), then poped in the disc cleaner, ran it 3 times and tested. System worked like the day I took it outta the box, I have the older [email protected] system, the one that was released with Gran Turismo 3 as a package deal. Just thought I’d post this as an option to pulling the system apart.


Came home today to find that my SCPH-39001 that had been making the grinding sound, now gave me the dreaded Disk Read Error. Thankfully, I found this site and the linked site for the laser gear:

(note the gear is not a typical round gear - it’s an “L” shape…).

After a bit of trial and error, I was able to get the plastic gear off of the laser head. Turns out all you have to do is loosen the right rail, turn the head over and the single screw for the gear is right there. (i.e. you don’t have to undo the entire disk assemply like I did - duh!) I pulled the gear off, cleaned it and I’m back in business. There is still a bit of grinding sound from it being worn, so I ordered the metal gear from (9.95 - beats a repair bill) so when it starts giving me trouble again, I can pop it open and replace it.

Thanks for the good information!


good news and bad news……. good news- It worked (reads discs) so thanks for that bad news- now its audio and video transmittion is very slow and it loads quite slowly

did i do something wrong, can i fix this, does it fix itself,

a posted reply would be greatly appreciated


Okay to start off I gotta say turning the playstation upside down did work for playing ff7 but the problem I have now is that my memory card slot doesn’t work. And I know that it is not that the memory card data was lost or deleted because I started the game over and when I tried to save it it wouldn’t save because it(memory card) wasn’t recognized. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem with my playstation? Please contact me and tell me if there is or isn’t. Thanks for your time.


Ok so I have the Playstaion 2 Plus model and there is no big Gear to turn…there is 2 gears at each railing for the laser….

Do I turn these?

I have read trhough and cant find a straight answer!


thank you so much. Before this, none of our games worked. But now, we can kick ass!


when i put the disc on it justs falls off cus the thingys spining so fast


I have a playstation 2 slim model 70012 and of course i get disk read error. Nothing will play I have tried cleaning it and that did not work. I need to know how to get to the gears for this model so i can adjust the laser. Please Help! someone please email me at [email protected]


when i put the disc on it justs falls off cus the thingys spining so fast

Well, you have to put the cover back onto the drive, so that the white piece in the cover holds the disc on.

How much intelligence does that really take? I mean if it wasn’t needed, do you really think it would have been in there in the first place? 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O


Iv followed the fix but now my tray wont close :( . I cant even force it in. Iv tried it on all the different height settings using that white cog but no luck.

Any help on this would be great.

You can email me at [email protected] if you wish.



Continued from above post…

It looks as tho the round thing next to the laser is stopping the door from closing.



I’ve had my PS2 for 4-5 years now. 3 years in, it grinded and couldn’t read discs. I bought a slim line, but recently decided I was bored and got my old PS2 out, and using this guide, fixed it. Thanks very much, as I’ve got an lcd screen for it, which I received a month before it broke, now, a year and half later, I can use my PS2 once more on the go, and keep my new one at home. Cheers =P.


;( I have a SCPH-5001 and it reads Disc read error i don’t know what to do, I open up the PS2 and cleaned the laser lens and move around that white plastic gear and it still reads Disc read error.


Why the heck won’t the PS2 turn on? If ANYONE has ANY help, please help! Oh, and I DID NOT pull out the Power Ribbon. However, I did somewhat TUG the thing… Anyways, please help!!


hey, my ps2 loads GTA san andreas, up to where u c those pics where it loads…then it dies…ok…wtf is wrong with it? There r no scratches or anything, and the ps2 loads all otha games, except that one. It’s a slimline version something like 70002 or wateva. Any ideas any one? Matt?


Thanks so much. I guess cleaning the laser helped. I didn’t have the one white wheel. I had two and didn’t want to mess with it. But i appreciate it anyways.


hi iam yash i hve a black ps2 .my pirated gta sanandreas and pirated 50cent bullet proff doest work.the error is cumin error reading the disc in gta.but in bulletproof after sum misssions a black screen apeears.pls help me




thank u so much i thought i was lost but then found this it helped so much ty


hwy it worked now i can read those blue disc’s!!


Thank You So Much!!!


I took that metalic tape off of my ps2 that connect the swith on/off and open close…how to i reattach it 8O


The PS2 Is work!!!!!


Thank you very much for showing this now i can get new games without going over to my friends :lol: :mrgreen: ;( Cries of happinessthank you !!!!!


Thank you so much! This worked the first time! You’ve saved my PS2, my money and my sanity, and the pics were helpful too. Great work! :o


my ps2 is a SCPH-300051 or sumthing . will this guide still work on my ps2? and can i use a vacuum insted of a air blower(the little tube thing on the vacuum)? thanks.


would this work on the slimline v12?????


Sweet, it actually worked. Even though my PS2 was different than the pictured one, nothing had to be done different. Thanx a bunch


My ps2 is very frustrating. The disk tray is loose,it makes skipping noises, in the middle of something the music stops,it has trouble reading disk, and the darn thing freezes at loading point! It was working fine 2 weeks ago. Someone please help me.


I tried this fix on my PS2. It played all games fine except GT4. In the screen where it would say reading disk it would say this for about a second and then stop. Nothing happens. While doing the fix and testing it using the game it would randomly give dre. I cleaned the lense and adjusted the white dial, but it still wont load the game. What am i doing wrong?? Any help would be appreciated.


Hmmm…this does not seem to work on my Playstation 2. I’ve adjusted the white dial and cleaned the lens but it seems to refuse to play GT3. GT3 works on another person’s PS2 so that is not the problem. It plays other games Ok but skips on some. I’ve seen numerous guides saying the same thing but it still does not work??? My PS2 is the original release model SCPH-30001. I got it from a friend after he said it was slow in reading discs. Hmmm…I’m going to contact Sony…


Oh and does anyone know if the PS2 lawsuit covers any of this? 0==(D)


hey man what up am having problem with my ps2 i don’t seem to have the white gear. so when you get this e-mail k

talk to you later


how do u replace the power ribbon


FIxed metallic ribbon, works great now, all of my games are running fine. Thanks.


I have the scph500001 model PS2; there are two gears instead of one….will the same fix work?



it works great, with everything else, exept for one of my playstation (1) games, what could be the problem? that it is badly scratched?


Just to add my “Me Too”. I was trying to sell my PS2, and I couldnt get it to read at all. I did the clean, and every disc I had loaded up fine. Great site


are you sure it works? :|


(6) is the ajusting of the lens angle a trail and error process or is there a sure fire way of getting it to work first time???? (6)


my model no. is SCPH-39003 MODEL


Anyone no how to fix the problem where the PS2 Makes those circular “scratches” around the edge of the disk? I have the slim PS2 and I never flip it sideways, but one day it started doing it and now all the games it scratches take 10 minutes just to load the menu screens and ultra-lagg in gameplay. The game just stops for like 2 minutes and then finally starts for another thirty seconds and then freezes.


The tiny screws on the disc reader are a bastard to take off. o_o I still haven’t been able to take them off. :|


I have repaired many Play Station 2 consoles which have had a number of different problems dealing mostly with Laser clearence.

The fault specified in this column is as you should have guessed by now is not an unusual one. In fact it is more common as a fault then any other i have repaired with PS2 consoles. I would like to warn anyone do not go to a certain auction site and buy this knowledge as these people are a con believe me. I have been asked the same question myself concerning this fix that mosy PS2’s now do not have the single white gear wheel any more. Sony changed this idea to the twin gear set up so you now have two gears which must be set up correctly, otherwise you will end up with Data read problems.

Now, if you have one of these PS2 consoles twin wheel gear mostly on the SCPH-50003 models or earlier i suggest you do this.

Remove the cover and follow all the procedures explained on this site. DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE PROCEDURE IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS! ALSO MAKE SURE THE MAINS PLUG IS REMOVED AS THERE ARE VERY DANGEROUS VOLTAGES INSIDE WHICH CAN KILL.ALSO DO NOT OPERATE THE CONSOLE WITH THE LASER EXPOSED TO YOUR EYES AS THIS CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR EYESIGHT. Once you have removed the cover and the cover which holds the disc in place you must set up both gears at exactly the same point. mark these gears with a CD Pen permanent marker. turn both white gears until laser drops to bottom dead centre. Now move each gear carefully with a fine insulated flatblade screwdriver, move each gear exactly 2 notches once done test the offending disc replace DVD Cover allow ps2 to start and see if you still have disc read error if you do remove Disc cover and move both gears two clicks. repeat the process until the disc reads. Now this is a lenghty process unless you have the equiptment to properly set the laser height which i have.nOW If your PS2 has been knocked over or dropped this may have damaged the Laser as these are very sensitive to shocks and knocks and you will get disc errors. A Good proportion of the PS2 consoles i have repaired have been due to faulty Lasers and nothing to do with height adjustment.But if the process in this column is followed exactly and you still have the problem then you must replace the laser which must be done very carefully as this is as said very sensitive. The ribbon connector to the laser comes away from the laser easily once its harness has been unclipped? Any other questions please email me at - REDACTED -


hey man thanks alot my ps2 is working like new i really give great credit to I have alot of computer programs and alot of other stuff if anyone needs anything add me on msn [email protected]
who jah bless no man curse, Jah bless me and everybody who reads this


Your directions were clear, concise and the photographs, while not professional quality, were enough to get me thorough this process. I’ve been suffering from this error for some time. At first a Maxwell lens cleaner was enough to do the trick, but eventually I was suffering from “Disc Read Errors” on virtually every disc I put in. One eighth of a turn clockwise on the white gear seems to have done the trick. Thank you- I’m sure there’s a chunk of good karma headed your way.

As for the whiners, bitchers, pissers and moaners above- well, it’s always been my rule that if someone is too lazy to spell “you” or “are”, or their ability to communicate is somewhere on the level of a retarded coconut, then screw em. They clearly need to spend time at school instead of becoming Playstation zombies.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get back to Disgaea.


Hey my PS2(PAL) only does play Audio Cd’s.Purely nothin other than that..It freezes with PSone disc whenever the logo comes.For dvd’s(Game or movie even in PAL type) inserted it says disc read error…I once played NTSC DVD in my console and now is it the cause after all?…I’ve tried the gear adjustments already but went in vain…any idea about the cause?..


hey, wjen i put any ps2 game disc into the disc tray, there just see,s to be clicking noises. The game doesnt work and isnt even recognised by the ps2 and just goes to the memory card/ browser screen. Does anyone know what i can do t fix this, thanks lot My email is - REDACTED - :D


my ps2 has two of the white things that you turn and when i tern it it doesent work so plz can you tell me what to do ?? :(


Thanks so much.

I’ve just done the DIY fix you’ve shown here and got my ps2 working again; it was tricky with the white gear almost totally hidden, and i can’t thank you enough for putting your fix online so so many people like me can fix their ps2s and enjoy gaming once more :D




MY EMAIL IS Bballtrekky @AOL.COM


OMG My friend had this PS2 for 5 years and he got a new because this one broke and i dont got the money for one right now.. We tried your techinque and it worked!!! THANK YOU ALOT!!!!!!!! :D


for everyone who’s ps2 won’t turn back on anymore:

what probably got disconnected was the I/O cable connecting the top case to the bottom case. this white band is what sends the signal from you power buttons to the system, and (stupidly) is the only thing that will turn the damn thing on.

reconnecting this was a pain, but it’s doable. it just takes some dexterity and patience, because the sony guys hid this connection real well.

  1. get it disassembled as described above, with all power disconnected then remove the 2 gold screws on the bottom left.

  2. remove the electronics from the bottom casing, being careful not to damage anything

  3. look on the “top” of the ps2, as if it were positioned vertically, with the top of the disc drive facing you and the drive open to your right.

  4. look on the right side of the inside, and you should see the end of the cable in question with a blue tip, and a small slot anchored to the green chip. the cable should slide GENTLY into the slot (you will meet some resistance). it’s nearly impossible to do by hand…i used a mechanical pencil to push it in, after guiding it into the opening

  5. if that’s already connected, put it back into the bottom case.

  6. check the connection at the other end, on the top of the box. you will actually have to remove the buttons from the top, check the connection, and put them back in. it takes a lot of wiggle work, but again, patience and dexterity will get it back in.

good luck!


OGMOGMOMOGMOGMOGMOG u helped me so much i was about to throw my ps2 in the garbage but than i decided to see if i could fix it and u helped so much tytytytytytyty :o


what gold screws do I take out to fix the silver band for the ps2


one more thing will I be looking at it from the top or bottom


It would really help if somebody would give me their phone number or call me at 1916 486 7287 and tell or walk me through on how to reattach the silver band. ask for Darius.



Ok so I got 2006 FIFA World Cup brand new and it doesn’t work. Also only a few of my games will work. I tried replacing the game with a different copy and I got the same thing. My problem is, do I buy a new one, or risk cleaning it myself


Son of a bitch!! it worked! thanks!




I kept getting disk read errors before but i opened the ps2 and cleaned the lens. the problem then stopped. then i got gt4, area 51 0==(D) and lego star wars. area 51 0==(D) and lego star wars worked but gt4 didn’t. once again the ps2 got dismantled and now area 51 0==(D) (silver underneath)works (after turning the gear) but star wars (blue) and gt4 (silver) don’t, even though i got a new gt4. does any one know the origanal position of the cog in the disk tray? Thanks.


:oops: I think my PS2 is broken because when i put a disc in the disc drive it keeps opening when i closed it. what should i do? 8O :o ops: :arrow:


Thanks for the help it seems to have worked because i can play 1 of my games that i never used to be able to play before,but Gran Turismo 4 still wont work but its probably the scratches on the bottom of the disc.My PS2 is also going at high speed now. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have a model SCPH 70001 SLIM one day while i was playing it i accidentally knocked it against the wall and now it wont read silver ps2 games or dvd’s i think i might have knocked the lense out of place does anybody know how to adjust the lense on a S…L…I…M PS2 not a FAT one i really miss playing my PS2 games because i already tried cleaning the lense and my ps2 games are new


:P Thanks so much for the walkthrough… Fixed my old PS2 using it and it works like a dream! hahahah


Excellent, it worked, great guide mate!!


Hi guys,

I bought ps2 around 1 year but now facing the problem as mentioned below,

Unable to read playstation 2 and playstation one file format

Pls help!!!!



Dude, thanks. It didn’t help me with my dvds, ps1 games, or cds, but know at least my ps2 games are back and will hopefully hold up until the ps3 in november.


i dont have a white gear on my ps2 so could you contact to help me please……….


i got up to the part where you have to turn the white circle thing but i dont have one the model of my ps2 is scph - 50003 what can i do


My brother bought ff9 off ebay but when he tries to play it we get the message:please insert a playstation or playstaion 2 format disk. can this be fixed without taking the ps2 apart? my email is [email protected]


Um… It didn’t work for me and I think I might know why…. our ps2 looks NOTHING like that when taken apart. Its the same model, but we actually see the mother board where I just seen silver bar like things in yours. Can you tell me what is the matter here?



Thank you so much. My PS2 hasn’t worked for at least a year, and in about 45 minutes I was playing it again. The process was extremely easy (the hardest part was those tiny damn screws on the inside) and very easy to find via a search engine. This site is great, thank you for spending the time to put this info out there for us.


My PS2 was broken, I was ;( because I would have to change it and I’m broke… So I tried this, and.. dude I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dizzy: :o :D 8O 8) :D :o MY PS2 WORKS HELL YEAh


You turn the god damn PS2 over Ashley :s I’m gonna do this to my Silver PS2 tonight. It keeps saying ‘Disc Read Error’ on every game. Hope it works..



How do I reconnect the ribbon that attaches to the top of the inside cover? It came loose when I was fixing the laser. Help Please!!!!!!!!!


so it has not worked but if you could send me an email please because i really want to be able to play on my ps2 but i can not because of all the DISK-READ-ERRORS it is killin me so someone please help me.

thanks a lot anyway

from Luke Bennett


how do you meen turn it over Benni Mcarthy i really need ya help on its back ;( see i really have not got a clue


i can normally fix this problom but it keeps on comin up


I had already taken my ps2 apart and cleaned it - but I wasn’t able to fix the ‘disk read error’ that I continued to get with all my blue and gold bottom disks - until I changed the angle of the laser. Thanks for the help mate.


i have GTA san andreas i loads fine, when it gets to the the pictures it start to loading on the bottom left corner of the screen once its finish loading it Says error with reading GTA san andreas disk or something like that can you help me fix it


THANKS!! I bought the brand new guitar hero game, and i was so excited, and then my PS2 stopped reading it. NOW IT WERKS! THANKS!


My ps1 reads discs, but you have to turn the playstation on and off 8-10 times before it even decides to read the disc. I opened it up and cleaned it, but it hasn’t made any difference. Some of the wires are loose, so I’m guessing the previous owner might have dropped it? Please help! I’m thinking about taking it to a dealer to get fixed as a last resort.


worked like a charm. I only wish I hadnt gone out and bought a new PS2 as apossed to just doing this. but hey, now I have 2. one for the upstairs and one for the down :D

as a side note I remember seeing this on an episode of x-play ages ago on tech tv (this was a good year before the whole G4 takeover thing) certainly a neat little trick, I was amazed at how easy it was.


Ok here i the deal i have a ps2 slimline model no. SCPH-70012 and i took it apart and cleaned the inside and lense. It is still showing i disk read error on newer ps2 games. Can you please help me. I need to fix this but I don’t know what else to do. email me at [email protected] thanks -alex


Kayla i suggest if your going to buy a new ps1 then buy a used one at your local video game store or pawn shop. They are only about 20 dollars and it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one then get it fixed hahahah Just my opinion


hi there, this is the 1st time i writte in this site. I’ve a problem with my ps2. I’ve tooked apart my console and take off the optic, i’ve turned the screw on the optic. 1. i turned the black screw (upper left), 2. the golden look screw (turn lens, bottom left)if you turned it you can see the lens going up or down, 3. also the golden look screw (turn lens, bottom right)if you turned it you can see the lens going to rotate upside or down, 4. screw that adjust the lens vibration (upper right), 5. the voltage adjustment of DVD’s, so i’ve messed the lens up. Anyone could help me adjusting all of the screw? Or adjusting the lens angle? Thenk You….


Thanks for the help. Between your guide and another I found, I had all the info I needed to fix my PS2 disc read errors.


Im just finishing up and im only positive it worked and i wasnt planning on writing a comment but u deserve it god bless ya man. U went through all the trouble just to put a sight up help tons of kids fix their PS2s. THanks again.


I keep getting a “Please Insert a PLaystation or Playstation 2 Format disk” error. Is there any way to fix this? i have tried the above mention to no avail. all my other games work fine it is only grand theft auto san andreas. i will get anew one today and see how it goes.


Even i can not get fixed my ps2 , its still show”Disk Read Error” though i have claned lenses from both side one is uppe rand another beneath, when i insert the DVD game then i notice lense does not move on i think it should move up and down to read the disk but it does not, can anyone tell me wher i made the mistake or what else i can do to fix the ps2 my version 10. please give me tips at this mail id [email protected]


dude!!! my brother is an engineer or something with computers and stuff and he’s good at repairing them.

last week he took it apart and cleaned it out with a vacumm or something and when he was done it was working Great! but the next day it kept doing the same clicking noises. and when the ps2 was fixed i played swb2 online and kept making clicking noises. then something happened and i can’t play without getting an error message or it will just keep saying “please wait…Loadin

so please can you make another article explaining my problems so i don’t switch to the xbox


yo bro thanx for this lol THANX ALOT :mrgreen:


Thank you x


We’ve cleaned the laser and surrounding parts, but this system does not seem to have a lens adjuster, the round white disk to adjust the height of the laser… could anyone please, PLEASE help me out! I believe the model is scph-5001 and it is approx. 3 years old. my email address is [email protected] I appreciate any help on this matter. Mr. Ayala 0==(D)


heh thx man dunno if its gnna work but until now the noise has stoppeed. even thou my ps2 model was the 50000 series, didnt even have the white round disk thing you were talking about, all the explanations still helped.


:neutral: I think im gonna try it after reading all the comments. I just HOPE it doesnt break my ps2!!!! :lol:


hi everyone my ps2s a scph-39001 version. instead of comeing up with disk read error it doesnt even get that far. it says reading disk for like 1.5 seconds and then stops. can any1 help me fix this without taking my ps2 apart? plz email me if u can at [email protected]


Dude! thank you so much, i have been trying to make it work for so loooooong

Ahhhh i can never thank you enough


I have a ps2 slim model SCPH-70012, I got it from a friend that probably didnt take the best care of it. When I put a game, CD or DVD in it, it says “The disc could not be read”. First off I need to know is this the same as a disc read error or something else? Second off is the lens adjustable at all and third could it have fallen or been thrown(my friend is a nutcase) and caused the lens to break or get knocked out of place? Any info anyone has would be greatly appriciated, just email me or write a reply. Thanks


My Email is -REDACTED-


Don’t know how or why but this worked for me and solved a real banging-my-head-against-the-wall typed problem - many thanks!


This seems weird I think but my ps2 model SCPH-50003 will play the blue discs fine and music cds but not silver games or ps1 games! I’ve gone through all the steps above and happily i’ve managed to fix the grinding noise but the discs i mentioned still did not load! Any advice?


I am also experiencing the open/close ribbon problem… I tried everything for days now and can’t get it to work… I dunno what to do anymore, I think my PS2 is gonna be sitting there. Someone please help. Someone show me a better picture of how it is actually connected…


Ok I just got another ps2 but its the fat model SCPH-30001, I made it think it was reading a disc so i could figure out what this clicking sound was and I found out its the laser going up and down and it wont read the disc at all, T he browser just says reading disc… and after a minute it just gives up and says disc read error. I dont think it just any DRE because like I said the laser keeps going up and down, Does anyone know if this means I need a new laser or is it fixable. if you know haw to fix it Email me [email protected]


im going to try this but i really hope it dont break my ps2 i luv all them chick u look buff giv me sex


Thanks alot guys… that really saved me time and money may good things happen to you as you have given me


Thanks so much man u just saved me like $150 i was gonna buy a new ps2 but then i found ur site and thanks so much!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


i have the slim ps2 and i cleaned the lense and it still doesnt work can u email me with soem help? [email protected]


Screan Yes! I worked! That’s amazing it took me about 40 minutes(because I couldn’t find the right sized screwdriver for the disc tray) but I’m stoked. I actually yelled when it turned on. The d*mn thing had been broken for almost a year. I was about ready to chuck it out the window.


i have the slim playstation 2 and about one month it started to show the DRE, so i cleaned the lens, but it still shows up sometimes, any sugestion what this could be? i also noticed that if i adjust the disc cover it would read it again, is it the cover? or is it dirty


I have the same problem stated a few times before. I have a SCPH-50001 model with two of the whtie cogs. I do know how to fix it but I am wondering if anyone knwos the correct combination to adjust the cogs to play discs besides PSOne and CD’s. DVD’s and any PS2 format won’t work.

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