Auto Links Discovery Plugin 0.1

This plugin will try to automatically fill in the information (title, description, URI’s) of new sites you add to the WordPress Link Manager. Simply enter in the URI, click go, and the plugin will try to find a RSS feed. From the RSS feed it will get the Site Name, Description, URI, and RSS URI. If it can’t find the RSS feed, then it will just get the HTML title of the site.

Auto Links Discovery Plugin 0.1 was written by


The opinions expressed in comments are entirely the responsibility of the various contributors. While I will do everything within reason to ensure that they are not defamatory, I accept no liability for them or the content of links included in them.


Nice shot. Already linked your site :D


Great plugin, encountered some bugs (or faulty websites?)…

  1. Maybe because it’s a subdirectory?

  2. Maybe because it’s /index.php?feed=rss2 (no permalinks)?

Other than that, great plugin. Very useful, and I’ve actually built up my blogroll hahahah .



Can you fix this so it works in IE too please?

Thanks, Will


Yeah, I’m using IE on this public computer, and the AJAX doesn’t seem to work…

God I hate IE.


Will, will do hahahah

once I get windoze installed.



hehe Thanks a lot! Yeah I am heading towards linux myself. Tried of windows letting processes use 100% cpu usage and having to reboot. :(




If you dont mind me asking?

How do you do your post like that in a different color?

Plug in? Would love to have.

Thanks, Will

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