Jim Whimpey and Brisbane Creative bring you Pasteosaurus. The new PHP pastebin on the block, based on the OSS code from The entire systme and codebase was almost completely rewritten by Jim, in aim of simplifying the entire system.

As Jim says on his blog, Every piece of junk I wasn’t using from pastebin has been removed, including DB fields and every file has been reorganised and rewritten in cleaner, smaller and more easily read code. This means it’s now much easier for me to add features, which I’ve already done!

It is quite a lovely pastebin, much faster and cleaner than most of those other big ones. The design is simple yet beautiful; I love to see red and pink in a design. And with the use of Geshi, the syntax highlighting works quite well.

Of course, being a good OSS citizen, the code available for download via the link at the bottom of every page. So let’s not pastebin anymore, let’s Pasteosaurus!

Pasteosaurus was written by

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