Matt Read, Weblog: Oceanus v3

Version 3.0 of my theme, Oceanus, is now live. This time I went all out space age with CSS fonts and CSS text effects, like text-shadow and opacity. Inspired mostly by Chris J. Davis.

I also went for HTML5, which, obviously, required a little MSIE hack. I found the semantics of HTML5 well thought out; Can’t wait till it becomes reality, especially the audio/video stuff. Goodbye Flash!

You’ll notice the pinstripe background, which may make it harder to read, but this time I went for beauty over usability. Yes, I committed a sin, don’t hate me please. I’ve played with some transparent containers for the content, but I think it looks better as is. Although, I still have a fluid layout and flexible font sizes.

I’ve also implemented a “notification area” at the top. Logged out, you will see the extra panes that include the less used stuff, that I would call clutter. Logged in, some additional things appear, like alerts for when you have comments awaiting moderation, etc. Sort of an admin bar built in.

When I get all the code sorted out, and the options pages going, I plan on releasing this revision of the theme. But don’t hold your breath.

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