Introducing Installer, the Plugin

Time for another plugin. Installer, the Plugin is probably the most useful plugin you’ll ever use hahahah . Why? Cause it installs plugin and themes for you with one click! It can install almost any theme and/or plugin out there, and even supports remote file installation. You just paste in the URL of the plugin/theme and it grabs it and installs it.

It’s still in “beta” stage so I’m gonna use you as my testers hahahah . But right now it is pretty stable. The only catch is that you need to have the correct permission set on the plugins and themes diretory for it to work.

Anyway, let me now of any improvements that need to be made wether code-wise or usability-wise.

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This sounds really cool. We’re thinking about things like this for the next version of WP. Would you be interested in joining that discussion?


Matt, I would be interested hahahah . I’ve been following the hackers disscussion, but haven’t chimed in yet. I’ve even been working on a system to check for plugin updates via IXR based on the ideas there. Guess I should join in…


It’s an awesome plugin, so far it installs plugins for me, remote and local. I’ll try it with some themes later. 8)

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