Referrer Karma Stats 1.3

I wrote this small plugin to output the total number of blocked referrers from Referrer Karma. It is a very small and easy plugin and will only require the addition of a small template tag. The plugin will also add a link to the RK setup page within the WordPress admin area.

Referrer Karma Stats 1.3 was written by


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For me, true/false thing is the other way around. Otherwise, that’s some nifty stuff. Thanks!


Awesome… One major bug, though: Referrer is spelled with two ‘r’s… Don’t be fooled by the illiterate computer people who spell it with only one. ;)


I was totally about to say that. I changed the spelling on mine, but I’m sure you’ll want to do the same on yours. hahahah


Bryan, dr Dave, eventhough it should be one ‘r’, I have changed it to two ‘r’s. Referrer Karma. :P



In my comments form I could only get the stats to display if I put <?php echo rk_stats(false); ?> before the spank-karma stats call. It doesn’t work If I put it on the line below.


It seems that the download link is still for 1.0?


Anonymous, oops. I forgot to change the version in the plugin to 1.2. But the download is the latest version. I’ll change it to show 1.2, thanks!


How do I fix the URL problem of the manage>referer karma? It wants to add /wp-admin/ in front whatever address I put in the rk-stats file.

I guess I could just use a bookmark. Then how would I take the tab off the Manage page? Comment out that part of the rk-stats file?


PaulaO, WordPress doesn’t really like linking to other pages, but I’ve only had luck with the path being ../ref-karma/, so try that.

To take it out, just comment out the the rk_management_page() function, and the add_action('admin_head', 'rk_management_page') function. That should get ride of it.


Thank you very much for the info I was looking for, and Greetings from Malaga-Spain Antonio


I’ve just tried to install this plugin, and I get the following error in my admin/plugins page: Warning: file(/home/user/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rk-stats.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/user/public_html/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 962

Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /home/user/public_html/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 962 TIA for any suggestions to help remedy this. hahahah


Station -

It sounds like your permissions are set incorrectly. Did you unzip with linux? If so, you will need to set the permissions as they were zipped on a windows box. Folders should be chmod 755 and files should be chmod 644. Hope that helps.

Fabian [email protected]


Sorry to ask a simple question but it says,

“It is a very small and easy plugin and will only require the addition of a small template tag.”

What is the template tag? Thank you!

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