I’m Back and Kick’n

I haven’t been around for a while. I wish I could say I was busy traveling the world or doing something exciting, but, I was just getting bored with blogging and needed a little break. But never fear, I’m back and kick’n and ready to rock.

A couple of weeks ago, in October, I went Bow Hunting, then the second week in November I went Gun Hunting, but I never even saw a dear. I think from now on I’ll just hunt of my back porch. I see at least two dear a day in my back yard, in fact… yes, there’s a dear now.

The Grey Cup was in Ottawa on Sunday. I would have gone to the Grey Cup but the cheapest ticket was $225.00, so that was out of the question. So, instead we went out to a couple of bars to party. But, cause Ottawa SUCKS! all the bars in the west end were empty. I guess you had to be downtown for the party. Anyway, first we went over to O’Connor’s, then to Local Heros, then we went to Broadways in Stittsville, then to Marshy’s (that’s Brad Marsh by the way), then over to Grace O’Malleys. And they all sucked!! We ended up going home at 11:30PM. That’s sad. Only in Ottawa could you have the Grey Cup and have half of the bars be empty. Ottawa, you suck!

Other than that I haven’t been doing much, just max’n and relax’n.

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I missed you. In a manly way.

No, really


funny, the guy goes to the shitties and biggest loser locations in town and proclaims ottawa sucks! try going to a decent bar, or downtown you loser, you suck!


no ottawa does suck, fuckers it is the worst place to live


yah i hate ottawa all the bars suck and there are so mnay freaken arabs everywhere

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