A Haircut

I went in to town today to get a hair cut, thought I should get this bushy thing cut, and ended up going to some “fancy” place that smelled funny, kinda like those sissy stores with the candles. So I go inside and theres this little artsie sitting there,

artsie: “hi”
Matt: “hey, hows it going?”
artsie: “good, what can I do for you?”
Matt: “I need a haircut”
artsie: “do you have an appointment?”
Matt: “nope”
artsie: “well, you need an appointment to get a haircut”
Matt: “alright, can I make an appointment?”
artsie: “sure, when would you like it for?”
Matt: “right now”
(the artsie pauses, looks at me, looks at his sheet)
artsie: “well, I guess I can fit you in now”

As I was sitting there waiting and thinking that I’m never coming back here again, this drop dead gorgeous blond walks out and says “Matt Read”. I wipe the drool from my face, close my mouth, and say, “hee … cough … here”. Man she was hot, I’ve already made another appointment in two weeks with her. I love that place.

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Ohh you left out the important part.So how waz the haircut?Any better than the corner store or were u just paying more for the beautiful blond chick?hehe.


that made me laugh so much. i thought they would have said we can’t fit you in until next week.


Thats it, I knew I should have started going to those expensive fancy places.


Well, I haven’t had my hair cut in nearly seven years but now I’m tempted.


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