I Like Pie

I like pie. Pie is round. Pie is a circle. Pie is not a square. Pie is calculable. Pie is 3.14 something. Pie is good. I want to east some pie.

Where have all the cowgirls gone?

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umm so. i like pie 2. lets go eat some pie. :mrgreen:


do u like pie i like pie lets have a pie fiest MAYNE WADIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wootwoot so umm. i have nothin gbetter 3 do then 2 comment yo pie thang so im commening yo pie thang. yea. this is pretty cool. i think otha ppl shud leave more comments cause thatd make it more intresting. so everybody leave a comment!! ima check back l8er 2day n i hope thurs atleast 1 more comment or ima b pissed u catch ma drift so anyhoo. yes pie is a great thang. do u like cherry pie. i like apple pie. i like eating apple pie in the winter cause its the coolest thang u can do. aiight so/ wut else is new up in yo pie land. im bored. i thinku shud post anotha blog so i can comment that 2. anyhoo. LEAVE MOE COMMENTS FOO l8er.


umm hellloooo i thought i said leave more freakin comments ppl jesus christ ahhh we need moe comments up in heeya!!! wadido hehehehee yahoooo i jus ate ma fave beef strogonaff yuuuuuuuuumy its like the best food ever made mayne srsly. yo yoyo yoyoyoyoy sooo yea please leave some moe comments il check back like 2moro aiight well tata bitches l8er loooosres!!!! ilyilyily


uhm excuse me but.my freind said to comment and lkasdfhjladsfl no one has commmented.so people why dont you comment about pie.SO DO IT or ill kick yo ass.thank you and have a scandelous day.


why hello googarooo. how are you? im doing great.thanks.even though you didnt ask but HEY im just thinking outside of the box.i have been doing that lately.haha.yesyes.so you are sitting right next to me.must be pretty dank.i know im pretty dank.but ya i dont know about you. NO IM JUST KIDDING.I LOVE YOU my googaroo. mmm mmmmm mm mm mmmmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mm mm m mm m pie mm mm m mm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm pie again mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm.lol.dude i htink this song is portguses.it hella sounds like it.



i see you typing to me.lol. 8)


hello googaroooo hehehehe pie site is like the best thihng ever made wooodhoohoh waterworld will b googalee fun omg cant wait 2 call up this person!! hhahah member the evil person yesterday she was mean THE GOOGLER hehheehe dat da sheit mayne wadidooooooooooooooooo ahhhhahah i hope u can like stay over like the wknd cause that wud jus b cool u catch wut i b syain so like yoyoyoy i need a manicure up in heeya hhehehehe omg well i cant wait till we go home and like make iced coffe cause my new recipe is like the best thing ever ever made like omygawd u gun looove it yo!!! hehehe javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(‘8O’) 8O i love iced coffee omg its like the betst thihng like ever made omg solike yea i think we shud like rents a movie from like blockbuster like 2day cause yea i hell of wana c a MOVIE like yea that otha movie wasnt the greatest thang round hhahaha holl.a!!! ahhh so yea wut else is like new witchu hehehe u sitiing nexta me omg cause u koo like dat yo!!!! haha yea so our comments are like pretty dayumm cool u kno hhahahahaaaa aomg ima like put likea bajillion like happy faces like l8er hehehehehe omg so like hey wuts up hey hey ehyee omg ma door is da bomb hahahahaha ahh so like i feel like watchin tv and sleepoing cause i like 2 sleep obviously ceptyea so wut else is like new like in yo life mayne! ahhhhhah i wana goh9me cause home is like pretty cool omg googly thas our thing o well shut up i like this typin thang so dont make funna me foo i love 2 type i cud type like all day omg its like sooooo fun!! hhahaha ping pong tables are cool 2 lay on im in da city cause im a loooser eww i hate her eh hhahahahaaahhahahaha i aint gun lie bz!!! woa thur shes sooo annoyin && she has baad plicz heheh dayumm i want more coffee but i dont think u kno whos gun let us soo yea hhahahahahahaha canadiand are like the coolesr ppl around omg ma funny uncle whos comin down soons canadian and persian hhahaa omg u hafta meet him seriously like hes the frickin funniest person yull ever meet in like uo whole entire life i swear mayne oooook so im dun cause we needta go do sum organizin shit sooo yea comment back l8er bz aiight ily lets go organize yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :o :P :P :D hahahah 8) 8O 8) :!: 8O (6) :o ops: :roll: 0==(D) :arrow: :mrgreen: 0==(D) :dizzy: :arrow: :mrgreen: :arrow: :dizzy: :idea: :idea: :roll: :roll: :o ops: :lol: :lol: (6) (6) :? : 8O :D


hello googler. so i hate missin calls specially when they private like ewww so where have all the cowgirls gone i hate pie hhaha jus kiddin diabetic perjaps aiight then y the hell did he go private iono ype so wut else is new


hello again. well we bored os can otha ppl pleeese comment so we can all comment each other n talk?? cause dat wud b greeet googler ily babe yea l8er losers leave comments poor matt


weeeeeeeee! I like to ride PONIES! PONIES! OMG PONIES!!11


pie is good i like cherry pie i know a place that has some “damn good cherry pie, damn good”

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