Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there. For all who don’t know, the Canadian Thanksgiving is to give thanks for a successful harvest. Unlike the American tradition of remembering Pilgrims and settling in the New World. The reason for the earlier celebration, is the simple fact that Canada is further north and the harvest comes earlier than the States.

The first Canadian Thanksgiving was first held over 40 years before the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts. In 1957, the Canadian Parliament announced that on the second Monday in October Thanksgiving would be a day of general thanksgiving to almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.

So what do we eat here in Canada? I have always had Turkey dinner with potatoes, carrots and much more. But some people say that the original feasts usually featured venison and waterfowl. And of coarse we always has pumpkin pie. Mm mm, my Mom’s home made pumpkin pie, there’s nothing better. Well maybe the turkey.

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Hey, I’m Virginian but I spent a month in Canada a few years ago and had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with a family in Thompson, Manitoba. It was great. A little discombobulating when they announced thanksgiving was in a day or so where I was thinking it was in a month or so. hahahah

As for what we had it was mostly traditional fare (turkey, etc..) but I also got to have some moose meat meat-balls.

For those that have never eaten moose I highly recommend it.


Your a canuck? Wow, never knew that. Anyways, happy thanksgiving duder hahahah


Dinner in our house was delicious, but very untraditional, it was stir fry pork, imperial rolls and steamed veggies. Not that any of us are Chinese, but that I was the cook.


Christopher, I have never had Moose before, but I have heard it was good. I really should try some. Maybe on of these days I finally go on that moose hunt I’ve been thinking of.

cLin, yes, yes I am, eh!

Wrywriter, no turkey? I don’t think I could have thanksgiving without a turkey. Well, I guess if I had to cook I could go without as well. ;-)

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