G4TechTV Sucks

The picture below says it all. Thats what the new G4TechTV is all about, SAD :(

(source: LeoVille.com)

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Its worse than that. There aren’t even the hot chicks. G4TechTV SUCKS. Poor Content. Maybe decent for 8-10 year olds but thats it. LAME.


I’ve not had TV for a couple of years now…are you telling me that TechTV sold out and is now a virtual parody of its former self? Shame on them. Oh well, now I have another reason to NOT renew my Bell ExpressVu subscription! hahahah


No TV for a couple of years?? Man that really sucks!

And as for TechTV, they have sold out, and the Tech has vanished from TechTV. Now it’s just mindless blabber about nothing good at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Gamer, but the shows from G4 just SUCK!


I agree. As someone who finally got Direct TV back in 1999…I cam upon a unique channel by accident: ZDTV And after watching it..and being a computer-geek-wannabee for years…I was actually starting to learn something technical about computers. Leo Laporte & Co. made it fun. With that said, I always though the network needed more gaming shows. But G4Techtv has taken this way too far. And the final blow to the whole ZDTV mindset was the banishing of Leo Laporte. Yeah, supposidly he’s on a canadian version of Call for help…but geez..why did they just have him man a remote satellite in Antarctia!
Bottom line: Something needs to be done and fast. People who want to see shows about computers are not looking for hot chicks or shows about Martin Steward..what an idiot he is. We want meat and potatos shows..like back in the ZDTV days.

Am I way off on this? I think not.


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