Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turn 26! last year I was 25, and now I’m a year older. For you techincal people out there that’s 25 + 1 = 26. I feel musch older than last year, like at least one year older. Damn, I just realized I’m almost 30. ahhhhhh!

Anyway, I haven’t updated this blog much lately, and I wanted to let you all know what was up. But I’m gonna try to be a real blogger from now on. At least for a month or two. ;)

Jibby Power!

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happy birthday old man from france


Yikes, and I missed it!!!!

Happy BD to one of my favorite plugin authors and favorite folks! Keep on keeping on, you oldie moldie sot!


jibber! belated happy birthday man :D


well you’re better than me. I already 30 but then I am still bad in blogging.


Happy B’Day (belated) 0==(D) . I’m 49 years-old and I like Monkeys, too


Happy belated! I’ll be 26 this year too, don’t feel bad ;) thanks for your plugins, I use them on my site, they are great hahahah


hahahah happy b-day


hahahah happy b-day :D


Yaaay! Happy birthday! Wish I could be 26 again, as I recently got three years older. That’s 3 in words! Just a few days ago I realized I made my peace with getting thirty.. and shortly after that I realized the peace’ll only hold exactly to the day I turn thirty. Then everything will be over and the universe will collapse into void(0). hahahah


Wish you all the best! hahahah


Cheers! Mate! :D

Happy Birthday from Mexico ;)


Happy Belated Birthday M8, I can’t believe I’m this late. Did anybody ever tel you that you’re the man? Well, you’re the Man 8) !!!

I’ve been thinking about moving my blog to my own domain so I can use all these funky plugins that you churn out, but alas I’m worried about the stress it’ll take to move my posts and the already established popularity of my blog.

Also, I’d miss relying on you and the rest of the Wordpress team to make sure my blog is up and running.

I’d really appreciate tips, tricks, pointers, advice and any other thing from you seeing as you’re the man to be talking to about all things Wordpress.

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