Fuck Off, A Spam Story

I was at work today, and had at look at my site in the morning. To my enjoyment, everything was fine. So I went on with my day, did some work, chatted in #wordpress, played with BotJibby, and dreamed of being at home in bed.

After work I went home, had dinner, and sat down in front of my computer. The site looked fine and…. wait, no it didn’t, I had 8 comments on my most recent post, 9 on the next, 11 on the one after that and so on. To my disgust, it was spam and lots of it. In total their was 665 spam comments.

So let’s see, the last time I checked my site at work was about 1:30PM and by the time I got home and checked it, it was about 7:00PM. That’s 665 spams in about 5 hours. Man, I must be famous or something. (prolly more,”or something”). The amazing thing, they were all from the online-casino-poker thing.

What was I gonna do? I talked to drDave in #wordpress and first thing I did was install his most excellent plugin, “Spam Karma”. After that we worked up a MySQL query to select all of the spam comments, luckily there were no valid comments in between them, and used PHPmyAdmin to delete them all. So, about 15 minutes after installing Spam Karma and deleting the spam, I check the Spam Karma page, and amazingly, in that 15 minutes, Spam Karma had already blocked and deleted 48 spam comments.

So now I’m back on track, wasted a night on spam, and have the absolutely superb Spam Karma installed. I have a message for all you spammers out there, and that online-casino-poker thing, FUCK OFF!!!!! FUCK THE HELL RIGHT OFF!!!!!!

And one more thing, go get Spam Karma! It’s sure to at least get you laid. ;)

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Stupid spammers.But glad you were able to remove them.


The spam really is getting rediculous. I’ve been using WP Blacklist, which works great for me. I can’t believe how much I get spammed now though.


Sigh, I guess i better get off my butt and install some spam prevention tools for wordpress. Fight the Spam!


I keep hearing about all these people who get spammed like crazy on thier blogs. For the longest time I never got any spam and then one day I got one spam comment on a post that was about a month old and never got another one. I’ve also never put any kind of spam protection either. I guess it pays to not be popular LOL


BoBB and Matt, you better get off your ass and install some spam prevetion tools. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


Any that you recomend? There are so many and I have heard bad things about all of them. Preferrably one that doesnt require sending me email notification of anything as I have yet to get the mail server working on my server yet =/


BoBB, I really really like Spam Karma. lot’s of options to play with, and extremely easy to install.


Same here - wanna join the WBTSOS* army? ;-)

*We Beat The Shite Outta Spammers)


I am currently using the treca plugin, which requires you type in the keycode that is displayed, in order to post. It’s 100% fool proof so that no bot could ever spam you again. It’s on the wiki plugins site, you may want to check it out sometime.


Yes the comment spamming is getting stupid. I get hit every day -and my site is not even that popular! I’ve had kittens’s spaminator plugin installed for some time now and it does a sterling job. I might try that treca plugin though……

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