Lucid, A Theme And Redesign

Say hello to Lucid, my new WordPress theme. It’s still in “alpha” mode, as they say, but I thought I would give you all a preview of what it’s going to be. So let’s call it Lucid v0.9-alpha-6.

Lucid is actually more than just a theme, it’s a collection of plugins and scripts, to completely style and run your site. There are many features within Lucid, but I’ll just tease you for now, and tell you all about them when the official release comes out.

There’s still some stuff that i need to add, like an archive page for category views, etc., a search page, and I still need to refine some of the scripts it uses. But an official release will be out before Christmas.

Here is a list of some stuff I can think of right now:

  • Lock down height of the blue header to 125px.
  • Create archive page.
  • Create search page.
  • Make all tags non-site specific.
  • Get a better bullet for lists.
  • Style <ol> <code> <pre> <img><b-quote>.
  • Refine “sections” script.
  • Add comment script.
  • Add and style admin bar.
  • Add “back-to-top” links.
  • Style comments lists.
  • Fix comment error script.

And that’s what I can think of now. But if you see any problems or have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post. And please let me know what you think about it, your opinions are always welcome, positive or not.

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Looks good man, and I must say I am rather curious as to what the gravelbox is going to be.


BoBB, thnx. The gravelbox is just a place to put some of the projects I’m working on. Some people call it a Sandbox, but I can’t afford sand. hahahah


I love it. Anything clean and easy to read is up there on my list. The only thing I’d like to see, as you seem to have all other bases covered, is maybe a little wider in the width department, although what you have is very readable, newspaper column width. Good choice.


awesome template… I love it! I’m really looking forward to when you release this. Dare I say it: This is even more pleasing on the eyes than the famed Kubrick theme.


I downloaded this theme and I can’t seem to get my comment form to work.


zaque, how is the comment form not working? If you give me an example of the prob I can try and fix it.


Just wanted to say thank you, as I use your theme as startingpoint. I see you fixed the styles for Opera. You didn’t by any chance offer this fix somewhere. Would save me a few hours time style fiddeling or comparing the differences.

Again great work and many thanks.


Me, again. hahahah By the way in FF the letteres are very small. I see You run into Problems with long headings. As I didn’t like the mere figure for comments, as only very experienced user might guess what’s behind it, I changed positioning and display together with a hint in link background of this figure and I added some margins to title and link.

FF: /*aditional class for the figures in page.php, single.php and comments.php // .commentscount { color: #9df; display: block; float:right; margin:-34px -50px 0 0; width:44px; height:33px; text-align:right; padding-top: 4px; background: url(sabbelicon.gif) 8px 0 no-repeat; }

.title {margin-right:38px; }

IE-FIX .commentscount { margin:-34px -30px 0 0; width:64px; }


Apropos Opera. The bug appears because of the empty frame from the styleswitcher if there isn’t one.

And the textarea to write comments displays ridiculous small letters in Firefox if the font-setting is default.

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