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I am now using WordPress 1.6. The upgrade went … decent. I had to do some database manipulation as WordPress didn’t give the admin user any capabilities after the upgrade. But other than that it was quite smooth. I even took the time to clear all the spam comments, 668 of them, and freed up about 80KB.

All my plugins seem to be working well. We’ll see how well 1.6 behaves with Spam Karma 2 in the coming days. And I’ll be coding upgrades for all my plugins. (I have some really wick ideas for X-Dashboard). I will also do up a complete review of the admin section in the next few days, because it’s really a thing of beauty!

NOTE: download of all plugins on this site is currently down, do to the upgrading in progress. Please see the dropbox for all files.

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This is a test comment. Will SK2 see it? hmmm… ;)


Now a test comment While logged in. :D


cough I think the dropbox doesn’t work, got redirectet to the mainpage. Any idea how I could get the SK2 Plugins? ^^

And good luck with further testing.


Test TrackBack in 1.6

This is a test of the trackback system thing … thingy.



Michael. WHOOPS! I accidentally deleted the dropbox. I’ll get it back up as soon as I find my backup. Sorry hahahah


Not yet. ^^ But I have time, I work on a new design for my blog, because I only use a modified Kubrick theme. ^^

“It’s done, when it’s done.” - Blizzard Entertainment on Diablo2 release info in 1997 (Game was released in 2000.)



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