Hey Dude, What’s a Jibby?

Many people have asked me question, so I’m gonna tell everyone now, here, and nowhere else. Back in the day there was this small kid who lived down on sunnyside street, right across from Carleton University. He lived in a shit hole of a house, and he was my friend.

One day, we were sitting around smoking a joint, if you don’t know what a joint is stop here, and he said “pass the reef stick”. I looked at him puzzled. He repeated “the reef stick” he paused, “the joint”. “OH” I said. He referred to a joint as a “reef stick” for couple more weeks, then it became “the party roll” for a very short time, then about six other nick names. He finally settled on “Jibby”, and we all liked it.

So as time went on I noticed that this small kid never had any money or weed of his own. He was always smoking mine. I confronted him:

Matt: “hey, why don’t you ever buy your own weed?”
Kid: “cause I don’t have any money.”
Matt: “what about that student loan you got?”
Kid: “I spent it on the beer making machine in the basement.”
Matt: “Oh yah, good beer.”
Kid: “Yah.”
(short pause as we think about the beer.)
Matt: ” I don’t think I should give you anymore of my weed, until you pay me back that twenty bucks I loaned you.”
Kid: “ah man, com’on, I’l get you the money when I visit my Mom on the weekend.”
Matt: “I don’t know, it’s been awhile now. And you never have any weed.”
Kid: “dude, the Matt Man, the… Big Jibby, you know I’m good for it.”
Matt: “yah, I’m just shitin ya.”

And from then on I have been called the Big Jibby. Why the Big Jibby? Cause I was always the one with the weed. So that’s my story of the small kid on sunnyside. (Rock on Jim!)

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freakin’ pothead, I’m telling the cops -.-


Hahah. pot good. booze good. I’m drunk. later

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