Site Update (aka Lucid 2.0)

I’ve updated the look and feel of this site a bit. Not much has changed, but the colours are much nicer now. You’ll also notice the brand new header. Let me tell you about a couple of the features.

I’ve added, what I call, header modules. Click on the Contact, or Options link and you’ll see them load right in front of you in the header. It’s all done with Ajax, and won’t work in IE. But does anyone really use IE anymore? I would like to hear any opinions you have about the usability/functionality of this, leave me a comment.

There is also the RSS News Ticker in the header (that dark blue bar). Click on the arrow link and type in the URI of any RSS feed you want to display there. It will save your settings in a cookie so each time you visit, it remebers your last choice. This is really more of an experiment than actually something useful. But still “neat”.

Also, all of my plugins now have a permanent page in the Projects section. Now you can easily find any and all of my plugins.

And as the title implies, this may be released as lucid 2.0. Just maybe.

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The ticker (in IE) is split onto 2 lines, one with the », the other with the text. Both are linked.

Is this the intended effect?


Oh, and in IE (once again), the right side has a small white gap between the border and light grey background, about 5px wide. Along the whole container.

The banner has it too.


Oh, that gap thing’s only on the single posts (as far as I have seen), the homepage is fine.



It’s supposed to be all on one line. But I currently don’t have windoze installed so I haven’t tested on IE. I installed Kubuntu over windoze, so prolly this weekend I’ll put IE back on and fix it all in Internet Exploder ;) .



How is Kubuntu, btw?

personally I use Ubuntu, on GNOME… KDE’s just to much eye candy IMO.



Where can I get this great theme, Lucid 2?

I can’t find a link on the projects page.



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