Puppies and Daffodils

One day while I was eating a puppy (the tenderloin is quite good), I saw a daffodil. I said to the daffodil, “hello little daffodil”. To my shagrin, the daffodil did not reply.

I continued to ponder at why the daffodil did not respond, when it hit me. I left my watch in the trunk of the car after golf last month. I had been looking for it for quite some time now.

“But why won’t this damned daffodil respond?”, I asked myself, again. As the sun shone beautifully upon the rose coloured daffodil, like a brit drinking tea, it all made sense. I was eating puppies and talking to daffodils, a feet not matched to this day, by even the greatest of super heros.

Tommorrow I shall save the world from those evil bastards!!

Puppies and Daffodils was written by


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hey just thought i would comment you, i don’t know why i am reading this, pretty funny tho, it was a quite crazy… haha puppies.. haha…


ur a dumbass stop you should die when somone reads the poem it makes them dumber


just thought i would comment you again, haha nice nice.. well i see that you havn’t made an entry in awhile, you might wanna get on that. then i’ll read it and comment you again.. it’ll be nice.. later


Were you high when u wrote this?


your a douche bag


duh guys obviously he WAS high… who eats puppies… seriously….


I was high on puppies and daffodils when I wrote the piece in question. But those evil bastards tricked me.

Never again I tell you, never again!


dude, wtf man, your crazy as hell….deffinatly crazy as hell, o well i guess. its all good right?.. yeah.. well shit.. update your shit sometime man, i read that crazy shit…


winky winky bum bum poo poo titty titty winky winky bum bum poo winky winky bum bum poo poo titty titty winky winky bum bum poo nip nip ball sac hairy hairy ……. ya forgot the rest inspired me tho i am now high on puppies and daffodils everyday

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