Opening Hooks

“‘A good book cover makes you want to pick it up. End of story.’ More often then not, however, a gripping first sentence or paragraph prevents you from putting it back down.”

That’s what Grodworks new project is about, Opening Hooks. A collection of great opening hooks from as many titles, authors, and genres as possible. Go and contribute to this great new project.

Here’s an example of an opening hook (first sentence or paragraph) from Dragonlance: Dragons of Summer Flame, the book I’m currently reading:

It was hot that morning, damnably hot.

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Hi Matt, thanks for spreading the word. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that “Opening Hooks” now lives at Of course the link you are using still works and will continue to work. Cheers! —Grod


Thanks Grod, links have been updated.

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