More Smilies Plugin 1.2

I wrote this plug-in because I didn’t like the default WordPress smilies :-) , and thought it would be great if we could have “packages” of smilies that you could choose from. So here it is, a plug-in that allows you to choose between different sets of smilies. Hopefully there will be many people that do up some great smilies packages. 8-)

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Wicked awesome, I’ve been waiting for something like this :-D


:P :x :lol: 8) :? :o :( hahahah :D



I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve created a package of smilies to be used with your plugin.

Everything works great, thanks for making this!


Orin, Thanks many. I’ll add your package to the default plugin packages. Very nice smilies. hahahah


Ooops! There is a problem with TextControl plugin compatibility. When I click on More-Smiles in Options (Admin section) I get to the TextControl settings, not to More-Smiles settings. :(

Disabling TextControl plugin helps and More-Smiles begins to work.


Lost, that’s bug #902 causing that. see my note above about fixing menu-header.php, and it should fix that.


Yes! Now it works! Thanks! hahahah


I’m still having a lot of trouble. Everything is fine, but under Enable no buttons are there. I’ve uploaded the new menu-header but to no avail. Any ideas? I’m using WP 1.5.

Thanks, Karan


Hello, i installed it, and did everything as told in this tutorial. But when i am deactivating the smilies plugin, and activate more smilies plugin it won’t work.

What did i do wrong?


Oh and i hope it is not a problem, but i don’t use quicktags.


:D :( :o :? 8) :x :P :wink:

why i cant use it? i have install them to my wp


Any plans in the works to incorporate a click box option in the write section of WP? If someone has a variety of different types of smilies-not the ‘norm’ they may need to see a list of some sort and insert the smilies into the posts/comments from there.


Never mind about the above comment. WP-Grins works perfectly.


dont work.. :x i use wordPress 1.5.1 With original menu-header.php i have Fatal error: Cannot redeclare more_smilies() (previously declared in xxx\wordpres\wp-content\plugins\more-smilies\more-smilies.php:18) in xxx\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\more-smilies\more-smilies.php on line 16

Wtih modified menu-header.php i haven’t menu :x Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSE in xxx\wordpress\wp-admin\menu-header.php on line 17


im using clicking on option->more smilies give me Fatal error: Cannot redeclare more_smilies() (previously declared in c:\phpdev5\www\public\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\more-smilies\more-smilies.php:18) in c:\phpdev5\www\public\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\more-smilies\more-smilies.php on line 16


ignore my last comment, i post the plugin on the web and it works perfect hahahah xcept the background of the smileys are white and not transparent :(


Hey , My site is

I’ve install your plugin but it doesn’t work :(

So i’ve use this : Convert emoticons like hahahah and :-P to graphics on display (it is on) Upload files , change the menu-header.php to yours, i have the menu options -> More-Smilies but when i click default i see the smiles , when i check for another that default i could not see the smiles.


TassoS package for More Smilies plugin

Ho creato una raccolta di smiley spesso utilizzati nei forum, da inserire in wordpress tramite il plugin More Smilies


erm.. is the link broken? I cant seem to Download the More-Smilie-Plugin.. Thanks.. ^^


Yeah, the Dl doesn’t work :( Please fix this, I have to install this on my WP :D


I was trying to find where to download the plugin, but even going to the “dropbox” doesn’t show me a download link anywhere :(




:P :D


8O it’s cool :o ops:


;) :| ;(


;( :s ;) :| :x

first smilie never works





try again

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