More Smilies 2.0

More Smilies 2.0 is out, :!: and now has clickable smilies for the comments form (with a little edit), and clickable smilies for the admin area (no editing required). It even supports the WYSIWYG editor thanks to Owen’s buttonsnap library.

2.0 Also supports Owen’s Role Manager plugin. It adds the new capability, ‘change_smilies’. So if you use Role Manager, you will need to assign the ‘change_smilies’ capability to the various roles, or you won’t be able to change smilies. hahahah

Oh, and one more important note. It’s only for WordPress 2.0. Do not install it on 1.5 or the sky will fall on your head. And that could hurt.

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I have a question on this “More Smiles” plugin. Is there any way to adjust the height of the icons. Look like the icon is not line with the text bottom line but in about bottom of the text height. You can see on my site.

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