Chat with me now using Chatango:

Chatango is gone for now, will be back sometime though.

I pu this thing up here to see if it actually works. And it does. EvolutionEcho messaged me, thanks for that, and it showed up in my chat window. This thing is pretty cool, no account needed to chat to me, shows when I’m online, and for windows users has a small little notifier app that notify’s you when someone messages you. VERY COOL!

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I am using a jabber account and php script + html form for this. See here .


Hey Matt, that’s a pretty cool little chat app. Tells us folk when you are online and drop you a message in realtime. You going to include it in your sidebar or something?


Scott, I’m going to implement it somewhere, just haven’t figured out where yet.


today my friend told me that he has switched to a little tool similar to chatango, the program call globallink by, which operate like chatango but its lovely thing is it connect to my MSN and cleverly allow me to handle as many as request i can, according to their roadmap they will launch (actually re-launch because they launched already, however due to their network resources, they suspended the services)GlobalVoice and Global IM, the VoIP and web based IM allow me can chat to Yahoo, MSN and AIM in single conference windows, i hope they can resume the service soon because my company is start stopping from using MSN and any network IM program ….

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