Carp Fair 2004

A red barn at the Carp Fair grounds

Get your cowboy boots ready, it’s the 141st Carp Fair, starting on September 23. The Carp Fair is the local country fair in my home town of Carp, Ontario. I haven’t been for about four years, so I’m excited to go this year, and see all the old crew.

So what happens at the Carp Fair you ask. Well the good old boys get together with their horses and pigs and such, and do what ever it is that they do. There is also some cool rides and the standard fair games. Oh, and of coarse cotton candy.

The Saturday night dance is all I usually go to. Meat all the old friends and enemies. Country music sucks, but it’s fun none the less. YEEE HAAAA!

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Actually, it sounds a hoot, if not to participate at least to watch.


Could you please tell me who to contact to enter vegetables in the Carp Fair. I am interested in entering squash. A reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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