Women, Huh?

Well I don’t and never will understand women, and they’ll prolly never understand me (that’s prolly a good thing). But Jenn tried to explain women to me, I still don’t really understand, and she was kind enough to post it all to her blog. So maybe she can help all us guys try to understand what women really want. I know my Girlfr…. oh, the games on, gotta go …

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Rules for Women.

Jennifer (aka geeksmakemehot) and Matt (aka BigJibby) are having a discussion (Matt’s entry, Jennifer’s entry). It reminds me of an old email meme, which I reprint here for your perusal.

We always hear ‘the rules’ from the female side. Now…


I was always under the impression that the answer was written on their bottoms.

Seems my fine Irish education failed again.

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