Wide Ass

I heard this joke on Chez 106 (106.1 FM), a local radio station here in Ottawa, on their morning show with Doc and Woody.

A Husband and Wife are outside one day. the Husband is cooking on the BBQ and the Wife is bent over working in the flower garden. The Husband says to his wife, “honey your ass is almost as wide as this grill”. The Wife ignores him. A little while latter, the Husband gets out his measuring tape, measures the grill, measures the Wifes ass, and says, “Yup just as wide as the grill”. The Wife ignores him again. Latter that night the husband is fooling around in bed, and the Wife is ignoring him. So the Husband says, “com’on honey!”. The Wife rolls over and says, “you must be crazy if you think I’m gonna fire up the grill for a little weiner like that”.
(source: Chez 106 Morning Show)

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It’s incredible how you memorized that joke.


I actually forgot that joke, but on the way home from work I heard it on the radio.

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