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All plugins are back in the Dropbox!!!!

All of my plugins will (hopefully) soon be hosted on As soon as the accounts are created I will fix all downloads. Please stand by.

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Just a little notice, the name of my blog changed from Unusual Visions to “Silent Screams” recently.


Please, where can the plugin be downloaded?


noderat, done

Tobias, working on it hahahah


I really need that plug-in. Can I find the download link somewhere else?


Hello! I am using your WP-Admin Bar 2 on my 1.6 test blog (now WP 2.0 Beta-1) and the “Logged In as:” reports no author name any longer. I get all the links (write, edit, etc.) but the author description is blank.

Just an FYI. Have you noticed this? Thanks.


Chris, I have noticed this. 1.6 is quite different, and I’m working on an update to the plugin for it. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

Rimmon, downloads are back see above. ;)

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