Fun With Google Translations

Saw this on NuclearMoosies site, and thought I would do my own. The way it works is you translate lyrics of a song using Google’s Translation Tools, from one language to another, to another, back to the original, and viola! So here it is, try to guess the name of the song and artist.

to go to find going my baby, their celebration outward journey to hold, joy afternoon of seizing. My slogan always be; if it is right, it is right. Why period of waiting in the one night old middle dark cold. If all less the cleaning one considering the day. And you know that the night will be always each possible manner there. Rockets of sky in the flight. Joy of afternoon. Joy of afternoon.

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Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band

That was too easy. Meaning: I’m so embarrased I knew that.


well, it was the last line that really gave it away, so I’m not suprised it was so easy. hahahah

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