Bring Back Hockey, Please

I’m sure you all know of the NHL Hockey strike that’s on now, if you don’t, well, get with it man. You see, the hockey players went on strike at the beginning of this season, all because they want more money. I’m not sure how they’re going to survive with out their much needed salaries of 1 million per season, but com’on boys, you don’t deserve that much, wake up.

The worst thing about it, is that what the NHL is proposing will not effect most of the players, and will only make the rich less rich. Case in point, Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators. He was on TV saying that he did not support a salary cap, yet the salary cap would never in his career, effect him in the least. It would only, as I said, lower the huge 5 million plus salaries, which no one on this planet deserves.

So why don’t the rest of the players stand up to the NHLPA? Because the NHLPA does all they’re voting by show of hand. So if all the “big guys” vote for something, everyone else follows. I’d like to see the NHLPA have a closed vote, and see what the players really think.

So now I find myself extremely bored as of lately, watching mindless TV shows and dealing with harsh Canadian winter. If only Hockey was back. …… Well maybe we can do something. Bring Back is trying. It’s a site where you can discuss the whole thing, and maybe we can find some way to get those rich bastards back on the ice.

So to all you NHL “stars” out there, please, please bring back hockey, us fans deserve it.

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I feel your pain. But, this is one small reason why I’m a boxing fan. Sure there are the same rich boxers that take forever to make a fight but at the same time there are little guys, up and comers, that will fight for very little. Also, boxing happens year round, at least a couple fights per month on HBO and Showtime. And, there’s no union. Boxing despite the corruption at the lower levels is amazingly a more honest sport. Hang in there. And don’t forget the smaller leagues. When I was in Manitoba a number of years ago I was just as entertained watching the NorMan Northstars play as I am watching the Flyers.


Never liked Hockey mostly because all they seem to do is fight. I prefer the NFL being an American Rugby fan. ;-)

Oh, and love the new look, very slick and clean.


Chris, I wish every sport was like that, they only get paid for their performance. Kinda like in Golf.

WryWriter, How, on Gods green earth, could anybody not like Hockey ???

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